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Some Effective Ways To Market A Managemnet Consulting Business

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Some Effective Ways to Market a Management Consulting Business
Marketing a B2B firm is quite different and becomes even more complex when it comes to marketing a management consulting business. Especially in Pakistan where we observe that a large number of companies haven’t yet realized the importance of a management consulting business. It is important to market management consulting firm in such a way that all those companies which haven’t yet encountered management consulting business should consider it as fuel for their vehicle on the road to success.
Many business professionals have heard of a management consulting business but don’t really know how it adds customer value. Businesses don’t buy what they cannot understand. A management consulting firm should clearly advertise about ...view middle of the document...

Management consulting businesses needs to focus more towards building their brand through social media. Social media includes the LinkedIn discussion thread, the Facebook fan page, the Twitter and other online ways of interacting with the world.
Along with social media marketing, a management consulting company should keep a close contact with the companies, agencies or business colleagues in the past and ask executives of these companies if they have any projects or overflow work.
Presentations can be used to attract the target audience. A comprehensive introductory presentation should be prepared before visiting the first client. Presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keystone can be helpful. A brochure can also be helpful in marketing the business that you can leave with businesses. Some quality articles should also be there to leave with the participants after the workshop.
Yellow pages are a useful way to reach the target audience and its use in Pakistan is increasing day by day. Management consulting businesses can advertise website and company information in both the print and online versions of the local yellow pages.
Adding the website to major search engines like,, and can help to expand client base nationally. Also registering with several B2B promoting sites can be helpful.
At times present clients can also suggest some good prospect clients. So ask companies for referrals after completing a job because a business owner might know someone who needs the services of a management consulting firm. Look for testimonials from all the happy clients as these can be used on the website and in advertising as well. Posting a videotape series containing short excerpts of the workshops and conversations with the participants on you tube and social media can attract good number of clients too.

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