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Solve A Problem Essay

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Learning Disability

Learning Disability
According to Webster’s dictionary, a learning disability is defined as a conditioned giving rise to difficulties in acquiring knowledge and skills to the normal level expected of those of the same age. Some teachers tend to label boys starting in elementary school as acquiring a learning disability such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). These diagnoses are not always the case and also teachers are not medical doctors. This paper will inform you about my creative process to solve the problem of my son’s learning disability.
In first grade my son was having a problem with ...view middle of the document...

Once I informed the school that I was going to the school board, they suddenly had a desire to test him. By then it was too late. They should have been willing to help in the beginning. In my mind I am thinking, what about the other children who are in the same position whose parents don’t have the time to take off work or are not as vocal as I am. The fourth state is producing ideas. After talking to different specialist and educators in different school systems, I came up with some solutions for the school and the teachers. This included not giving timed tests to my son in the area of multiplication. Even though he knows his multiplication tables, if he is told he has one minute to complete the entire page he will rush to complete the page but half of the problems would be wrong. If they did not mention a time to him he would get all of the problems right and still finish within the required one minute time frame. I tried this at home several times before I introduced it to his teacher.
To develop curiosity in my search to get answers about my son’s learning disability I begin to sit in his classroom. I wanted to see what his teachers were doing to accommodate him and other boys in the classroom besides putting sad faces on assignments. I noticed how long each class period was and how many students were in there per teacher. I also paid attention to what students the teacher focused on. I talked to the counselors and administrative staff to discuss my observations and dissatisfaction. I searched for causes by asking the administration if the teachers were properly certified to teach all types of students. Also if they knew what accommodations could be made in the classrooms for each student that needs assistance? I was very prepared for the controversy. I knew the teachers would say they have a degree and were knowledgeable and that the administration would agree with the instructors but I was prepared for that to happen.
In the beginning, both the teachers and I, thought my son had a problem and I had a problem with the teachers and the administration. Even though the teachers still considered, it a problem I realize now that my son had an issue. According to the text “a problem is a situation that we regard as unacceptable; an issue is a matter in which intelligent people disagree to some extent” (Ruggiero, 2009). By expressing the issue the following questions should have been asked, does he have a learning disability? The refined answer would be let us figure out what is going on and get the student tested. Should the...

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