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Solve A Problem Essay

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Our chapter describes four stages to the creative process. The first stage is to search for challenges regularly. Not all challenges will be just black and white. Some challenges require one to utilize their creative thought process to allow their mind to think of areas that may need a little improving.  The second stage is to express the problem or issue.  Perhaps writing out different thought patterns and coming up with an idea that best match the correct or needed result can stimulate progress in the process.  The third stage in the creative process is investigating the problem or issue. If you encountered a specific problem or issue that you couldn’t resolve, you may need to ask someone ...view middle of the document...

I had pretty much narrowed down my decision but I thought it would be best to speak with other HR Consultants. I wanted to get their professional feedback on how they viewed potential candidates who attend school online versus ones who went to a campus. Once I got their opinion I contacted individuals I knew personally who attended school online. This gave me a different perspective on attending college, because I had already attended a campus and knew how everything worked there but didn’t have the slightest idea about an online campus. My first thought was to just do what I already knew worked and that was to attend the nearest college campus.

Now, the main problem that is causing conflicts with my plan is the lack of finances. I have a car note which requires being fully insured, phone bill, cable, internet, gas, electric and basic life expenses. So, how would I to pay all these bills and afford school expenses, too? These are bills which must be taken into consideration before I can move forward with my plan. My contract for my job assignment recently ended which means that the amount of free money is going to be much tighter. Tuition cost and books alone would send me into debt before I am able to land a permanent paying job.

My first plan of action was to call my parents to see what they thought about my predicament. My mother and father thought it would be amazing for me to go back to school. They are so proud of my accomplishments thus far and only want the best for me. However, after I enlightened them with all of my details they went from being happy to being sad. They are getting prepared to buy a home therefore all of the extra money they have is being tied up. This means they would not be able to provide any financial assistance. As much as it hurt for them to tell me it hurt even more for me to hear it. I thought that perhaps I should search online and research about people being able to afford going back to school. I then reached out to a financial advisor to see if they could provide an alternate route to cover the cost.

What better way to challenge yourself than to do something that will improve who you are as a person? Going back to school would not only reap its rewards for me now but in the future, as well. After careful consideration and...

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