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Solution Manual Essay

1146 words - 5 pages

Assignment 1

Question 1
Some argue that① {file sharing is actually good for artists,} because② {it is in effect promoting their work…}
{However,}③{ when recorded music is not paid for, there are and obvious implications for those who create the music – songwriters , performers and the record companies that make the actual sounds recording.} Consequently, since ④ {the rewards to production of music has gone down,} ⑤ {it would seem reasonable to conjecture that the result will be less music,} and ⑥{less diversity of music, in the future.}⑦ {At minimum, the possibility of recording artists and songwriters earning a living from selling their music is diminished.}⑧ {It is ...view middle of the document...

} ⑥ {the question is whether or not the city can afford the build the arena.}⑦} {the problem is that the arena costs will run about $450 million.} ⑧ {the city can raise another $250 million in a ticket tax} and ⑨ {in property taxes for the new development over a 20 year period.}⑩ {the developer is willing to contribute $100 million,} so ⑪ {that leaves a shortfall of $100 million.} But ⑫ {$100 million in a city of our size isn`t really very much money and wouldn`t take much to rise.} ⑬ {I think that the city can afford the new arena.}

⑪ → ⑥↘ ②+③ ④+⑤
↓ ↓ ↙
⑦ ①← ⑫+⑬

In this argument premise1 is the conclusion center sentence and independently linked to all the premises. Premise 2 and 3 supports linked. “For several reasons” signify several premises that is supports independently premise1 the conclusion. “Moreover “is a signal of, premises indicator that justifies a positive change in premise 4and 5 and they are linked to premise6. Premise6 is the centred sentence that connects and spread into 7, 11 each has an independent premise. Premise 8, 9 and 10 are directly linked to each other as a result of premise6 then to the conclusion. The passage have additional premise indicators which is “so”, and “but”. Premise12and 13are linked. All the sentence and fact converge into one which is conclusion 1.

Question 3
①Dreams are not to be likened to the unregulated sounds② that rise from a musical instrument struck by the blow of some external force instead of by a player hand,③ they are not meaningless,④ they are not absurd. On the contrary, ⑤ {they are physical {mental} phenomena of complete validity – fulfillment of wishes.}



This passage contains an explanation the meaning “dreams” is the key term.
Premise1 is the focal point sentence that supports premise 2 and link to premise 5 which is the conclusion. Premise3 and 4 through premise 1 are linked premises that connects to conclusion 5.The two linked premises signals a pattern of Modus tollens. The conclusion indicator is “contrary” in the last sentence.

Question 4
① {When the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launched the Hubble...

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