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Children under the Influence
English 215

In today’s society, putting children who have more energy than others on medication is the norm, but why? Some children may be hyper because of the lack of attention that they get at home. They have a need to be the center of attention in order to feel like they are being noticed or important. They may have issues bottled up in their heads because they are not allowed to properly express themselves. This makes it difficult to concentrate on a simple task that someone has put in front of them. Thus, thisleaves the children to feel overwhelmed. These children are the guinea pigs of today’s society. There are the people who will turn into people with ...view middle of the document...

The use of prescription drugs has gone up to more than six million Americans each year (article, Narconon, 2012). Each year, over a million children between the ages of 12 and 17 abuse prescription drugs. In June of 2012, a report states that the use of Ritalin (methylphenidate) rose 46% from 2002 to 2010 (article, Children’s Health, 2012).
Something else that needs to be looked into when it comes to children being prescribed mental health drugs are the effects of the drugs. I have children in my family that are on such medications and I surveyed the parents. I asked them was the medications were doing to the rest of the kids bodies. Are the medications like aspirin when you take too much, the coating on the outside can affect the liver? Are the drugs tearing up the lining of the stomach and causing ulcers to form? What side effects do all mental drugs have on the rest of the body when they are only supposed to treat the head? No one seems to talk about that as long as the children stop acting out.
The children who are on mental health drugs will have a sense of indifference. They will always question whether something is wrong with them. Some will become depressed and have to seek additional counseling by the time they reach middle school. These children could likely have hallucinations, aggression, and other off set mental problems. If the children come off of the medication because the parents cannot afford the prescription, then it will throw off their chemical balance and not allow them to focus properly.
Children are vulnerable, influential, naïve, and misled. Peer pressure can lead them down the wrong path. When children are already taking prescription medications, they think that a different kind of drug won’t be too harmful for them to take. What’s one more? Children are experimenting with drugs and alcohol at a younger age. There are “legal” forms of weed available over the counters that are harming these children. Take the seventeen year old girl two months ago that had been using synthetic marijuana for a couple weeks. She suffered strokes, blindness, paralysis, and 70% brain damage (foxnews, 2013). She started having migraines right after she smoked the synthetic marijuana. Lucky for her, she was not taking other medications at the time. What if the children that are already medicated smoked the same batch of synthetic weed? If the children already think, “What’s one more?” then how can we limit the number of children who have that mindset?
Another problem that doctors are noticing when it comes to children that are prescribed mental health drugs is a slower growth rate. The children are showing less progression in their height and in their weight compared to other children their ago. Their bones are weaker compared to others, so doctors are also putting them on calcium vitamins to help with the dexterity of them.
If we can look at the long term effects that mental health drugs are having on these children over time,...

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