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The first of Mumbai Solid Waste Management projects � the closure of the Gorai dumping grounds is underway. The project is part of the overall waste management strategy that envisages converting about 80 hectares of land including the entire dumping ground at Gorai, and portions of Mulund and Deonar dumping grounds into green landscaped spaces for the Mumbai citizen. The Gorai site, which spans over 19 hectares has residential areas in close proximity.

The existing practice of open dumping that has been followed since 1972 has caused significant environmental damage in neighborhoods adjoining the disposal site. The creek waters have been polluted due to inflow ...view middle of the document...

The leachate, say environmentalists, has affected marine life and the day is not far when the ground water table will also be affected by it.�The garbage was first dumped on nullahs. When we brought it to the notice of the BMC, they changed the location towards the creek side,� said MM Moinkar of Kamdhenu building at Hari Om Nagar in Mulund (E).The leachate flow has deprived 300 fishermen from Kopri village of their livelihood. They have stopped fishing due to excessive pollution in the creek waters. As if the 40-foot mound on the dumping ground was not enough, 500 tonnes of garbage from the Gorai dumping ground was diverted to it. The civic body has started scientific closure of the Gorai dumping ground. �We caught crabs, shrimps, nivtya and gitadia. But with garbage falling into the waters, fishes have become rare. Even our nets get torn,� said Neelam Bhoir from Kopri village.
According to Rishi Agarwal from Mumbai Environment Social Netwrok, leachate is toxic and when it enters the waters, it interferes with the food chain. No segregated garbage comes into the dumping ground.Agarwal said that the ground below the dumping ground is porous and leachate would seep into ground water as well. �The primary impact is on creek waters. But over a decade, it will percolate into the water table. If water tables have wells, drinking water will get contaminated,� he said.Deputy municipal commissioner BR Marathe, who is part of a committee formed to look into the issues of the Mulund dumping ground, said, �Our duty is limited - to supervise chemical fogging and monitor spraying of deodisers. We are not concerned with leachate flow into the creek.�Environmentalists say that there is no prompt solution to prevent leachate inflow as it is not a scientific landfill.�The problem is that there�s no intelligent waste management practice in the city and there are no incentives given by BMC to reduce waste at source,� said Agarwal. |

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Managing dump well is not waste 
Monday, September 06, 2010 |
A large amount of municipal solid waste is being dumped at the Gorai dumping ground in Mumbai which exists since 1972. In 2007, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai awarded the scientific closure of this ground which was completed in 2009. Purva Khole writes about the execution and the benefits of this project.About the siteThe Gorai dumping ground is located in the R/Central ward; Borivali (West) receives 2,200 tonne of Municipal Solid Waste(MSW) per day from the wards of Zone - IV & VII of Mumbai. This dumping ground exists since 1972. This site is surrounded by creek on two side and inhabitants another side. Due to scarcity of land the vertical landfill activities were carried out, the height of dumps reached only upto 30 m. Residents around this area filed the writ petition. The High Court gave an order after whichMCGM decided to discontinue the disposal activities from 1 January 2008 and...

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