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Sole Proprietorship Organization Essay

1353 words - 6 pages

Table of Content

No. | Topic | Page Number |
1 | Planning | 2,3,4 |
2 | Organizing | 5 |
3 | Leading | 6 |
4 | controlling | 7 |
5 | Conclusion | 8 |

Chapter One: Planning
Gadget Importer Express: It is a sole proprietorship organization. There is only one owner of this organization. All the decision will be taken by the owner. He will take all the risk and he will enjoy the profit.
Objective: The primary objective of Gadget Importer Express is to earn profit by delivering superior product to its customers. Customer will order the product from different e-commerce site like “Amazon”, “E-Bay”, and “Alibaba” etc. For them will will import the product and deliver it to ...view middle of the document...

Usually these type of product is found in the Amazon, EBay etc. websites. Here a list of gadget is given below-
Product | Features |
| Virtual Glass Can Show video It’s like Google glass |
| Multipurpose pen Low price Attractive gadget |
| Mobile phone keeper New design Can be used in Car Low price |
| Tech Wallet Keep safe the gadget Used as Card holder Low price |
| Cigar Box Attractive design Low price |
| Power bank 10000 Mah Stylish looking |

Marketing Planning:
Market Segmentation: We will segment our market based on Demography.
Target Customer:
AGE | 15 to 30 |
GENDER | Male & Female |
EDUCATION | For any level of education |
RELIGION | For all religious people |
INCOME | Middle class & Upper Class |
OCCUPATION | Students and Job Holder |

Marketing Communication: We will communicate our product through online media. We will use different online media to communicate our product. For example we will use Facebook ad, Different webpage etc.
Financial Planning: As it is an SME the capital is small. So I will personally invest money. After the expansion of the business I will take loan from the Banks as an SME enterprise.

Chapter 2: Organizing
Registration: As a SME will take a trade license from local authority. It will give a legal entity of my organization. I will also open a bank account for the name of Gadget Importer Express.
Hierarchy: Here an organizational hierarchy is given

Since it a SME type organization I will appoint less people to keep the cost minimize. Once my organization is running well I will appoint more employee for the business. There will be three department for the organization. One department will take the order from the customer. Customer will place the order through Facebook fan page. The manager horizontally communicate will importer manager. Importer will import the product and deliver it to Manager Distributor. The task of distributor is deliver the product to respective customer.
Reporting: Who will report to whom is very much important? All the managers of Gadget Importer express will report to the CEO.
As a business graduate I will handle the marketing activities of my organization. I will use website like Facebook and online newspaper to public of my business firm.
Human Resource: I will appoint 3 employees for each of my department. The applicant should be a business graduate. Any experience about M-Commerce will be preferable. I will post the job circular to I will take personal interview and select the employee.
Authority and Responsibility: As we know authority and responsibility should be equal. Specific authority and responsibility should be assigned to the employee. Order manager will have all the authority to take decision regarding his department. CEO will just suggest. In the same way Manager Importer will take decision of his department and so will the manager distribution.
Business Partner...

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