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Software Used Within Organization Departments Essay

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Software Used Within Organizational Departments

Software Used Within Organizational Departments

Software applications and information systems work hand in hand in helping to build and manage a successful business or corporation. Every department within an organization uses some kind of software application to help manage the department’s day -to- day activities. Whether it is proprietary software to address the department’s unique needs or software that is purchased off the shelf from a vender, which is common for many departments such as accounting, human resources or finance. In the proceeding paragraphs I will discuss three organizational departments, accounting, human resources ...view middle of the document...

Such systems use modern information technology resources together with traditional accounting controls and methods to provide users the financial information necessary to manage their organizations successfully (Cengage Learning, 2008).
The Human Resources department is an important part of any business and almost always uses application software in helping in making decisions. Human resources software and human resources information systems help in providing tools for managing employees. Common HR software such as Sage or Ultipro as functions that include employee selection such as hiring, recruitment, compensation, evaluation and management of performance, promotions, managing relations, planning, payroll and retirement. Ultripro also offers advance options such as a Web workforce portal with employee and manager self-service, benefits enrollment, employee work events, and staff administration and more. Depending on the needs of the human resources department will make a difference on the application software and information system that the organization chooses, it is important for the organization to choose a program that will best fit the needs of the department.
The application software and information system used in the marketing department is used in the process of collecting, analyzing, and reporting marketing research information....

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