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Software To Support Assessment Essay

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Kristal Charles
November 11, 2013
EDU 225
Christy Faux
Software to Support Assessment
Using assessments can be very a very difficult part of teaching. Evaluating a child’s performance in school can be very hard, but a necessary part of the educational process. For many, assessments mean test. Students and parents view these assessments as a way to out-do their classmates and compete to see who is able to get the highest grade. They don’t view these assessments as a way to know if they understand the things being taught. Assessments are created to serve a purpose. They help diagnose learning disabilities, identify a student in need, and help the district meet their yearly goals
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Google forms. (100 words)
Teachers are able to use Google forms to increase their efficiency, keep students engage and as collaboration tools.(Evans) Teachers would be able to work with other colleagues at the same time to collaborate on the lesson plans. Teachers can track students’ homework by using sheets to track and then are able to share with parents. Teachers would be able to create flashcards for each student by using the flashcards gadget. Teachers would also be able to create amazing presentations. Teachers can administer pre-assessment at the beginning of class and then be able to change the curriculum right away. (Evans)
Socrative is a smart student response system that helps teachers by engaging their entire classrooms with educational exercises and games. The apps that can be downloaded to any device can measure a students’ understanding of the content in real time (Smart Student Response System, 2013). Teachers are able to ask questions and gather anonymous answers. Students are then less reluctant to share if they know no one will know it is them. Teachers can use socrative to give short quizzes that can include multiple choices, true/false and short answer responses. Teachers are then able download a report of all the student’s answers. (Byrne, 2013)
Electronic surveys.
An electronic survey allows teachers to understand how each student understands the curriculum. Teachers can use Survey Monkey to measure students’ achievements and can help each student know where they need improvement. Students’ are able to give their feedback on a course they have just finished. Grand Canyon University Online asks each student at the end of a course to evaluate the teachers and the curriculum. This helps the school to know if the teacher is doing his job well and whether or not the tools and resources are helping each student succeed.
Formative and Summative Assessments
A formative assessment is an ongoing assessment used to monitor a students learning. These are given randomly throughout the school year. These help a teachers make adjustments to their curriculum to help each student succeed. The information obtained will help Also the type of measure used is not defined, so long as the information is helpful for the teacher in making adjustments to instruction in an ongoing manner. It could be as simple as classroom observations, a fluency test, or a full diagnostic assessment like DORA or ADAM.
A summative assessment is given at the end of a chapter, section, or unit. These are used as tests that high point value. These can...

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