Software Project Management Plan Essay

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Software Project Management Plan
August 27, 2012

IT Management System

Luvianka Olivares

Table of Contents
Scope Statement.........................................................................................3-4

Work breakdown structure..........................................................................5

Network diagram...........................................................................................6

Risk management plan............................................................................7-10

Resource management plan..................................................................11-12

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Live videoconference for training. The customer will have a customer support phone line to provide first level end-user support.

Project Scope Statement: The main goal is to provide an easy and efficient software tool to allow time efficiency and measures accuracy of transactions. The software should be user friendly. Training will be provided and made available online and in person by an outside IT source. The software should be install and supported from a centralized IT infrastructure department.

As a leader it is important to maximize the resources available for the success of the project. Leadership means analyzing all situations and choosing the best solution in bringing all the elements of the team together. A competitive team can use its dynamics and performance by working efficiently and achieving to meet the objectives of the project. The leader helps motivate the team and use the quality of its members in a sole effort for success. In this case a matrix structure can be ideal.

WBS for Software Implementation Project

1. LEO Management System
2.1 Initiation
2.2 Evaluation & Recommendations
2.3 Develop Project Charter
2.4 Deliverable: Submit
2.5 Project Sponsor Review
2.6 Project Charter Signed/Approved
2. Planning
3.7 Create Preliminary Scope
3.8 Determine Project
3.9 Project Team Kickoff Meeting
3.10 Develop Project Plan
3.11 Submit Project Plan
3.12 Milestone: Project Plan Approval
3. Execution
4.13 Project Kickoff Meeting
4.14 Verify & Validate User Requirements
4.15 Design System
4.16 Procure Software
4.17 Install Development System
4.18 Testing Phase
4.19 Install Live System
4.20 User Training
4.21 Go Live
4. Control
5.22 Project Management
5.23 Project Status Meeting
5.24 Risk Management
5.25 Update Project Management Plan
5. Closeout
6.26 Audit Procurement
6.27 Document Lessons Learned
6.28 Update Files/Records
6.29 Gain Formal Acceptance
6.30 Archive Files/Documents

Network Diagram


Project Name: IT Management System
Project Description Summary: This project is to provide a system
Project Manager: Luvianka Olivares
Date: August 12, 2012
Revision: 1
A. Risk Identification
I have made a list of all areas that might cause project delays or failures with their outcomes. The five risks I have chosen as key risks are bolded below and appear in the Risk Assessment Table.
1. Delay or denial of final agreement-the project can either stop or require renegotiation with another entity.
2. Carrier/Customer Delay in License Agreement-can delay or stop the funding required to begin software installation impacting the entire timeline.
3. Lack of Infrastructure Availability-lack of connectivity that require a new path or installation.

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