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Software For Retail Essay

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Accounting and financial Software solutions
I. Structure
* 3 companies involved in retail and wholesale of diabetic supplies and other related items
* For wholesales, we sale under different names to other store, we must have option of multiple name option on invoice template, and multiple name option on purchase order template.

II. Sales:
i. Sales Channels
* Online retail through 2 websites and on Amazon
* Wholesale directly to other pharmacies through 3 company names
* Options for notes on product and orders or any specific requirements by the customer, pricing rules, shipping rules etc.

ii. API configuration with ecommerce web stores

iii. ...view middle of the document...

* All the orders from all channels are processed for shipping
* Customer pay shipping which is different than what we pay, for example customer paid, $10.00 shipping our cost for shipping is $5.00, alternatively, Customer paid $3.00 shipping our cost for shipping was $10.00
* Need a report of shipping income monthly after paying shipping bills.

III. Purchases
i. Purchase Orders
* Purchases are made through different suppliers via phone or email and online channels
* Some suppliers want a formal PO
* PO Printable and email options with multiple company names
* assign multiple products to a supplier or add new suppliers to a Products
* Once you’ve set up your products and suppliers, restocking is as easy as clicking “order more” to generate a purchase order that you can send to suppliers or emailed by the software. Goods receipts tied to each purchase order, which update your inventory as we enter the quantities of goods received.
* Stock status reports showing which items you need to be reorder. Ability to click to auto-create all your purchase orders in one step.
* Ability find Key Vendor Information Instantly, accessibility puts all your important vendor details in one screen. See all your vendors, exactly what balance is owed them, and view your entire transactions history (bills, checks, purchase orders, and more). Filter by active vendors, open balance, bills or checks, or create a custom filter. Discover how much business you’re doing with each vendor without running separate reports or going to different screens.

ii. Payments
* Payments to supplier are usually through owner Personal credit card which the company has to pay back to the owner eventually.
* We pay some venders with personal Credit card. ( must be able to pay off self or credit card company properly from to show on financials what the payment when for and which credit cards.

iii. Returns

IV. Cost of Goods Sold
* Product cost
* Shipping and handling Cost
* Amazon commission
* PayPal and Credit Card fees
* Packing Material

V. Inventory Management
* Interface to create new bundles and break up one SKU into multiple product
* With costing options for bundling up and breakup items
* Single Warehouse fulfilling the orders of all three online stores and the 3 companies doing wholesale
* Inventory in sync across all sales channels. Allows listing...

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