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Software For Human Service Organizations Essay

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Software for Human Service Organizations
Disadvantaged Family Community Based Organization
Brenda Scott
July 8, 2015
George De Rosa

Software for Human Service Organizations

Nonprofit organizations that provide services to disadvantaged families are community based service organizations that are meeting human needs, especially in the time of crisis. The clients that are served consist of families, individual men or women, children of all ages, various races, and sexual orientation, young and old. This type of organization will require sophisticated software with many integrated modules that can track clients across various organizations and care providers. Community based ...view middle of the document...

* Modify your system internally - without having to rely on Social Solutions – as needs evolve
* Make external evaluations less costly by giving researchers access to administrative data from your performance management system
This software is a complete management intake solution that tracks client activity from intake to the planed outcome, or the lack thereof. ETO is used by over 2300 organizations across the United States and Canada. Integration with other systems appears to not be an issue with this software. ETO has the ability to generate reports and/or graphs that provide a view of client progress across programs and providers.
FAMCare is a cloud based system that allows an organization to document case information and automates workflow. This software has the ability to measure client successes throughout the course of planned services (Global Vision Technologies, Inc., 1998-2015). This software provides features or benefits as follows;
* Manage unlimited list of agencies, allow real-time access to necessary personnel
* Track specific services provided by agency
* Report on number of clients served based on service and agency
* Run utilization reports for each service, evaluate needs for staffing and funding
* Analyze referral sources by service referred to and agency
* Assign access levels to key agency staff for collaboration on case notes, services rendered and referrals
* Central location for shared client data to ensure that all necessary personnel have access to the most up to date and accurate information
FAMCare software is powerful management software that allows collaboration between agencies. Utilization of multi-dimensional security that can be set at various user levels to protect privacy and access as needed or allowed.
Both software’s (FAMCare and ETO) are customizable, integrate with other agencies, and consist of similar features and benefits. Nonetheless, FAMCare appears to outshine with important and needed features that were not mentioned with ETO software. FAMCare provide cost tracking, event management and the very important multidimensional security feature. These features would mandate that FAMCare software would be the more completely functional software and better choice for any size community based organization.
In determining the preferred cloud or internet based software in relation to the size of an organization, size was irrelevant....

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