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Software Export Bd Essay

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Handicrafts and Textile Handicraft business is related to the accumulation of handmade product from over the country and to sell them in retail shops or to export in another countries. People have a great passion for this type of product because it contains flavour of culture and it has a variety of design. The SWOT analysis of the Handicraft Product can help us to determine the current situation of business, challenges and gaps between demand and supply, source of raw materials and manpower, potentiality of employment, and its prospect for future. Bangladesh is a developing and overpopulated country; thus labor intensive technology can be more appreciable than capital intensive ...view middle of the document...

Of late, however facilitating services offered by the public and various private agencies to organize and strengthen the sector have paved the way for better and efficient performance of the sector. This has definitely resulted in an integrated and structured approach toward production and marketing and today the handicraft industry of Bangladesh look much well organized then it was a decade back. However, there is no denying the fact that despite considerable advancement, potential of the sector still appear largely unexplored and a bulk of the resources untapped. Innovative adaptation is yet to reach a satisfactory level. Beside the supply side constraints, dearth of technology and inadequate export marketing drive continue to be the main impediments for speedy growth of the industry. * Handicrafts:Handicrafts are mostly defined as "items made by hand, often with the use of simple tools, and are generally artistic and for traditional in nature. They are also object of utility and object of decoration. Some common types of handicrafts are Textile based handicrafts, Clay, Metal, Jewelers, Woodwork, Stone Craft, Glass and Ceramic. * Textile based handicrafts: Hand printed textiles including hand knitted and crochet, block and screen printing, batik, hand printing by pen and tie-dye are used in products ranging from bed-covers to sheets, dress material to upholstery and tapestry. The famous embroidered articles of silk and cotton often embellished with mirrors, shells, beads, and metallic pieces are also found. Embroidery is done too on leather, felt and velvet etc. This segment of the industry accounts for almost half a million strong employment in addition to a large number of designers, block makers, weavers and packers involved in the trade. * An Overview of the Handicraft Sector: * Nature and structure of the Industry: Handicraft sector in Bangladesh is comprises with small manufacturing units and mostly located in rural areas, operated either by the owner themselves or with the assistance of a small work force of 10-20 people. Most enterprises use traditional techniques with or without the use of tools or simple instruments. Total number of workforce associated with the industry stands approximately over 3 millions of which over three quarters are employed in textile, jute goods, wood, lather, cane and bamboo. These are followed by metal-works and pottery. A rough estimate shows that exports occupy about 20% of the total production. Key players in the sector involved in domestic supplies as well as exporters are: * Non Government Organization (NGO) exporters of Handicrafts. (Eg. Arong) * NGO supportive product house (Non exporters) * Private manufacturers /exporters. (Eg. Various jute good manufacturers) * Small private manufacturers (Non exporters, eg. Naksha, Rang, Nabarupa etc.)  * Flashback of Bangladesh’s Handicraft industry-After 1970, Bangladesh’s handicraft product was introduced in the market. And in 80s the...

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