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Software Engineer Essay

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|Fall Semester, 2010 |
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This course adopts a firm level perspective to help you understand this complex environment and how general managers can help their firms navigate the corresponding opportunities and threats that result from competing stakeholder claims on the firm’s resources. In its broadest sense, therefore, the learning objective for this course is to help improve your ability to answer the following two questions:

In addition, I hope that this class will help you address these broader related questions:

More specifically, this course is intended to introduce you to the business situations faced by general managers in a firm. General managers are responsible for making strategic decisions that impact the long-term viability of the entire firm or business unit. Their key tasks involve identifying opportunities and threats in the operating environment, procuring and allocating critical resources, integrating activities across subparts of the organization, and, at the most senior levels, determining firm purpose and direction. To be effective, general managers need to have an in-depth understanding of relevant functional areas such as marketing, finance, R&D, and operations. They must also be able to anticipate and deal with issues that arise in relations with the firm’s key stakeholders (both external and internal to the firm).

We will build on skills developed in your earlier courses to analyze and resolve business problems. Perhaps more than any other subject, strategic management is best learned by analyzing real cases—placing yourself in the shoes of general managers who have to solve strategic problems from a cross-functional, holistic perspective. In addition, effective communication is a critical managerial skill. As such, in-class discussion and debate are essential components of the active learning environment I am seeking to create in this course. To be successful, however, this requires you to prepare thoroughly for each class (reading and thinking about the assigned materials) and participate actively in case analyses, substantive class discussion, and analytical projects and presentations.

Studying strategy relies on interactive discussion and debate. Reading assignments provide a basis for both lectures and discussions and should be completed prior to each class session. The focus of your evaluation, however, will be your in-class performance. You should come to class prepared to summarize main points and apply the readings to in-class exercises and analyses. In addition, you should be willing to brainstorm based on your own ideas and prior experience to add value to the class discussion. Specifically, there are five components to the grade you will receive in this class. There is a mix of individual- and team-based, oral and written exercises, which provides flexibility for students with different strengths. Each component is weighted according to its importance within the...

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