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Soft Skills Essay

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soft skills
Soft Skills is a sociological term relating to a person's "EQ" (Emotional Intelligence Quotient), the cluster of personality traits, social graces.
• It is the ability to engage and interact effectively with others, obtain acceptance, build consensus, and provide assistance, direction and leadership.
• Personal management skills such as attitudes and behaviors that drive one's potential for growth and team work skills.
Soft skills, sometimes known as "people skills," are personal attributes that enhance an individual's interactions, job performance and career prospects. Unlike hard skills, which tend to be specific to a certain type of task or activity, soft skills ...view middle of the document...

These would all be considered valuable soft skills.
Unlike specific hard skills such as mathematical ability or mechanical aptitude, discovering a job applicant's soft skills can be notoriously difficult. Some companies use special psychological screening tests to determine if an applicant has the right temperament or personality for a specific job title, although these tests cannot always predict how an applicant would perform under real world conditions. A new employee may have the technical skills and experience to work on a customer support team, but lack the soft skills such as patience or the ability to work under stressful conditions to be effective in the position.
Some employers use open-ended interview questions about an applicant's work or life experiences in order to determine desirable soft skills. For example, an applicant for a managerial position might be asked about a past incident in which he or she had to assume leadership. Another applicant might be asked to recall a time when he or she had to resolve a conflict or deal with a difficult co-worker or customer. How an applicant handles such probing questions during an interview can also reveal a number of other soft skills, such as the ability to form answers quickly or to see the positive side of a negative situation.
Many employment experts strongly urge job seekers to improve their soft skills along with their hard skills such as continuing education or specialized training. Many employers are reluctant to hire technically skilled applications who display little emotional investment in their careers or the ability to work well with others under stressful conditions. Having a proper balance of hard and soft skills is one way to level the playing field when competing against hundreds of other applicants in a tight job market.
Soft skills are intrapersonal and interpersonal skills that determine a person's ability to excel or at least fit in a particular social structure, such as a project team, a company. These skills include competencies in areas such as Emotional Intelligence, communication, leadership ability, etiquette, conflict resolution, decision making, self-motivation, self-discipline, persuasion, etc.
"Soft skills are very important in business. It is essential to be technically sound, but one should also have the ability to convey the idea to the masses in the simplest possible manner," "Planning is necessary but execution is also equally important. And it takes soft skills to execute any idea because it involves dealing with people directly,"
6 soft skills for every hard-nosed professional
Behavioural training experts say there are several soft skills are required in these circumstances. Some of them include:
i. Interpersonal skills
ii. Team spirit
iii. Social grace
iv. Business etiquette
v. Negotiation skills
vi. Behavioral traits such as attitude, motivation and time management.
Soft skills play a vital role for...

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