Socrates The Greatest Influence On The Westerm World

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Socrates is the Greek philosopher that had the most influence the Western world. Socrates is the son of a well-off Athenian—probably a sculptor or stonemason—named Sophroniscus and a midwife named Phaenarete. Socrates was born in 470 B.C. in Athens, Greece and his family enjoyed a high social life.[1] Socrates became the biggest influence on the Western world because of the Socratic Method, the Socratic seminar, and his teachings influenced Plato. These creations of Socrates helped the Western world and largely the entire world to evolve.
The Socratic Method is the technique in which a teacher does not give information right to the pupil but instead makes the student asks a series of ...view middle of the document...

An example of this method being put to use is when Robert Boyle discovered that gas pressure increases when the volume decreases. He did this by using the scientific method. He asked a mental question, made a guess (hypothesis), and tested it; which is the scientific method.[3]

Another huge contribution Socrates made to the western world is the Socratic seminar. A Socratic seminar is method that helps students try to understand information by having conversations in a class in regards to a specific topic. In a Socratic Seminar, participants seek deeper understanding of complex ideas through strictly thoughtful dialogue, rather than by memorizing bits of information. There are three types of seminars: group seminar, concentric circles, and small group seminar. Group seminars are really all the students, pupils, etc. gather in one large group, ideally a circle, and discuss the topic. The concentric circles are like the group seminars except, one small group is in the center of the circle and discuss the topic while the people surrounding the small group take notes on the discussion that takes place. The small group seminars are students being split into small groups that discuss the topic in a deep and detailed way.[4] These seminars are an important part of the western society because these seminars helped the young students of Socrates learn more about a subject from each other rather than Socrates himself. This is important to modern society as well because the Socratic seminars are still used today. An example of this technique of teaching is still around after 2500 years in many schools around the world. Students are arranged in tables and in rows because students can discuss about a topic using the Socratic seminars without evening knowing about it.

Socrates teachings influenced Plato. Socrates’ discoveries made an impact on the world where as Plato made no actual discoveries himself. Plato has made no mathematical discoveries that are important. He...

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