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Sociology Perspective Essay

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Sociology Perspectives
Functionalist; This is where the group is made up of lots of separate institutions. They believe that for a society to work they all have to work together as a whole, for example, the organs in a body had to work together for the body to work itself. Their beliefs in the working of the education system is such one, that each stage leads/prepares you for the next one e.g. nursery – primary school – comp school – college – work. They have a structuralist theory.
“The functionalist view is that illness has a social consequence and must be swiftly dealt with, where possible, for the smooth running of society” (Billingham, 2007, p.350)
Marxist; The approach ...view middle of the document...

It’s a group of thinkers/people who fight for the valves of women’s rights. They fight because they want equal opportunities for both genders. Due to the equal pay act 1970, women believe they can see the opportunity but can never get up there (also known as the glass ceiling). They believe in the justice of mankind; the equal relationship between men and women.
“They have been particularly concerned with the way in which pregnancy and childbirth has been regarded as a medical issue rather than as natural processes, even sometimes as illness.” (Billingham, 2007, p.351)
Post Modernist; Is where we all are in today’s society. This is because they believe that in today’s world social class and status is nothing to do with the success of their own lives today. They believe that class doesn’t have a meaning anymore! From the identity of someone i.e. background, education and culture doesn’t matter because it’s up to you what you make of yourself and success has a different meaning to each one of us! You become what you want to become.
“Postmodernists would suggest that we can no longer talk about established institutions like the family, religion or the economy because nothing is staying the same” (Billingham, 2007, p.348)
New Right; this is seen as the traditional view of what used to be! This group of people follow the...

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