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Sociology Literature Review

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Domestic Violence & Women with Disabilities Summary

In the UK there has been numbers of issue regarding domestic violence and disabled people since the movement against disability, gender and abuse hasn't been taken seriously in recent times. The abuse of women has escalated into a widespread recognition in which it has become an important issue. So what does domestic violence mean exactly? Domestic violence is known as abusive behavior that subjugates and controls over another individual. It’s known that power and control are two important roles involved in domestic violence. It can occur in same sex and heterosexual relationships but the significance of domestic violence is mainly ...view middle of the document...

It is claimed that relationship violence towards women continues in all stages of life. However it may not be suitable for older women or disabled women to put an end to domestic violence.

According to the margins of social movement, it seems that the concern with disabled women movement have been unobtrusive. The women movement alone has drawn attention to exploring the experience of women but not the experience of disabled women. It’s certain that women hold multiple but complex characteristics however none of these traits have extended to disabled women. What this generally means is that, the voice of the disabled go unheard of and if non-disabled women were to include some kind of viewpoint of the disabled, they would go about discussing motherhood, abortion and reproductive control. It’s argued that while the women movement is concerned with them being considered as sexual objects, disabled women see themselves as nonsexual. Basically woman should have the right to defend their own sexuality and have control of their own reproduction. This is something that hasn't been discussed by the women movement. So overall,...

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