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Sociology As A Science Essay

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Assess the view that Sociology can and should be seen as a Science
In this essay it will assess the view that sociology can and should be seen as a science. It will provide you with examples throughout.
Sociology is seen as science by some, this is because they believe it is very similar to the natural sciences, much like the natural sciences, hypothesis’ can be made and facts can be a result by collecting data or carrying out experiments. Sociology is really considered to be a social science like many other subjects. Sociologists in the 19th century believed that using the rules and logic of scientific methods could be used to test sociology the same way as it does in the natural ...view middle of the document...

Scientists want to get the right answers when experiments are completed. However, scientists are criticised because if scientists get the wrong answer in an experiment they believe that they have done something wrong in the experiment or if you, for example, have found the correct answers mixed with one or two wrong answers it will sometimes be dismissed as you have proven the correct answer and these wrong answers will be considered an anomaly because again something wrong happened within the experiment. In sociological study it is hard to get a wrong or right answer because the experiment cannot always be repeated because the variables cannot be controlled; only sociological experiments that have controlled variables are able to be redone.
Weber believes that anything that has a hierarchy system or rules and regulations to follow is scientific. Weber says sociology has these so therefore, sociology is a science. Disenchantment is a term Weber uses to suggest why sociology should be seen as a science, religion is losing its relevance because it cannot prove anything in it, such as the afterlife or God, this is why religion is being replaced by science, because science can prove things that have happened to such an extent that you could go and see the proof yourself with simple or advanced experiments. Religion has lost its significance. People want proof of strange happenings, but science cannot explain miracles and neither can sociology.
Both science and...

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