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Sociology Answers Essay

2010 words - 9 pages

The test will focus on material covered since the Midterm Exam:

Unit #7: Deviance and Social Control
* Schaefer and Haaland, Ch. 7
* Wolf, “The Rebels: A Brotherhood of Outlaw Bikers”
* Video: Faking the Grade

Unit #8: Sociological Research Methods
* Schaefer and Haaland, Ch. 2

Unit #9: Social Stratification / Politics and Economics
* Schaefer and Haaland, Ch. 8 and Ch.14
* Bales, “A New Slavery” OR Reiter, “Serving the Customer: Fast Food is Not about Food”

Unit #10: Global Inequality
* Schaefer and Haaland, Ch. 9
* Eglitis, “How Economic Inequality Benefits the West” OR Klein, “The Discarded Factory….”
* Video: NO ...view middle of the document...

By doing this he was able to provide an insiders perspective by better understanding members emotions, feelings and thoughts prior to making interpretations.
The interactionist perspective focuses on the concrete details of what goes on among individuals in everyday life. Daniel wolf became apart of the biker group which enabled him to focus on the biker gangs everyday life that allowed him to provide a detailed comprehensive report on the exclusive social and cultural formation of the biker group. He uses the labeling theory in his analysis because the biker group in society were labeled as deviant therefore anyone that associated with them or looked like them such as Daniel did in the beginning even when they weren’t doing anything wrong were automatically labeled as delinquents and viewed as deviant.
Counter culture –when a subculture in this case the biker gang deliberately opposes certain aspects of the larger culture. Biker gang are considered a counter culture because they purposely potray themselves to society as rebels. They constantly break the law, get into fights distrupt the peace in society on purpose.
Conflict perspective- agree that a common culture may exisist but the most powerful and wealthy control most of the wealth and property.Therefore, those who feel they are at a disadvantage (not amongst the most powerful or wealthy class) and are considered the subservient may feel like they actually belong are a considered a somebody when they join things such as biker gangs. This creates a sense of empowerment for them a sense of belonging.
Merton’s anomie theory states that society urges individuals to demonstrate persistent individualism in chase of financial and measurable success; however, occasions for advancement and goal attainment are not equally accessible. Thus, according to Merton, crime and deviance are caused by an inequality in social order. Therefore causing people to turn to convenient means such as crime to achieve their goals. This theory has five basis forms of adaption, which include conformity to social norms, the innovator, ritualist, retreatist and the rebel. (Schaefer and Haaland 2011:154-155) The biker gang would fall under the category of the rebel. This is because the gang has continuously tried to override the prevalent system. They are monitored by the police and engage in disobedient behavior on a consistent basis that prevents society from completing and conforming to acceptable social norms. They choose to alienate themselves from social and cultural structures and create their own goals and means for success. (Wolf 1991:105)
Cultural transmission is defined as a person who learns criminal behavior through interactions with others. In the biker gang case Daniel wolf was able to learn all the ropes of being a gang member through association with those who engage in that kind of lifestyle therefore he was able to learn it himself.

2) Compare quantitative research using surveys to gather data...

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