Sociocultural Differences Between Traditional And Americanism

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Sociocultural Differences between Tradition and Americanism
Arab and Muslims face many obstacles when faced with orientation and the blending of identities after migrating to the United States (Schaefer, 2007). Grasping traditional cultural practices and embracing a new culture within the United States (Schaefer, 2007). The effects of both cultures present genuine struggles for Arab Americans and Muslims, who practice religious protocols and cultural traditions (Schaefer, 2007).
Orientation and Blended Identity
Similar to immigrants before them Arab Americans faces many challenges in an attempt to conform to a new countries culture and remain loyal to familiar cultural practices passed ...view middle of the document...

Compare and Contrast
Traditional Muslims and Arabs have many contrasts, but in comparison have several similarities. One major similarity consists of modest dress and chastity to project virtue, although this does not mandate the use of veils (Sexton, 2010). Another similarity consists of the practice of arranged marriage present in both Arab and Muslim cultures (Institute for, 2006). Arranged marriages consist of the patriarchal members of both the grooms and brides families selecting suitable spouses (Institute for, 2006). In contrast many differences exist such as in Muslim culture the practice of prayers five times per day (Sexton, 2010). Arabs religions choices vary not specifically limited to the Muslim religion even though a large number of Arabs adopt the this religion (Institute for, 2006).
Additionally, Muslims have strict religious practices when just eating such as pronouncement of God’s name before and use of the right hand only when eating and drinking (Amjad, 2009). Arabs place the hospitality of guests in the highest of honor and family solidarity a first priority in support of all members including extended family (Institute for, 2006).
Social Policies
The Unites States of America because of overwhelming focus on Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans proposed enforcement of equal civil rights( The United States of America, 2005). Both groups in light of the terrorist attacks on 911 suffer stereotyping and persecution in public and in the media not based on individuality, but rather the generalization of an entire group (The United States of America, 2005). The United States Government plan will protect the individual rights of both groups because both entire groups are not to blame for the terrorist attack which occurred on...

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