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Socio Geographic Factors Essay

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Socio-Geographic Factors

MMPBL-560 Managing in a Cross Cultural Environment

Socio Geographic Factors for Southwest Airlines

Businesses are determine to be successful in the future because they know they will be challenged to embrace the changes in a diverse group, which will allow them to be competitive in the global sector. Organizations that will develop a cultural sensitivity will be crucial in order to succeed and within recruiting and retaining the qualified workforce. Defining cultural sensitivity is described as acceptance. Organizations will need to accept the values and beliefs of an individual. In addition, understanding that each employee is different and working ...view middle of the document...

In addition, motivation can help retain employees based on visibility of efforts being recognized and rewarded with upward mobility within the company. Inspiration is considered to be an incentive within the open class system. Employee’s will be inspired and dedicated to work in an organization to help accomplish company goals. Motivation is a benefit that develops within the open class system inspiring individuals to work together devoting time and efficiency to achieve the company’s objectives.

This major airline is able to distinguish the class among employees based on the ranges within income that employee’s produce from the organization. Southwest has decreased the possibility of negative results through policies that were created by management in order to promote policies and equivalent recognition for all employees.

Work Values Displayed By Class

Southwest’s entire fleet consist of Boeing 737 jets and 737s weigh in excess of 20,000 pounds. This puts all the company’s aircraft in class 5 in the highlighted portion of the chart above according to ARG/US guidelines (Airliners, 2010). The pay levels on the above chart put Southwest Airline’s captains, who fly the airplanes, in the upper class, the first officers who co-pilot the airplanes in the upper class and the maintenance technicians who repair and maintain the airplanes in the middle class (Weller, 2006). Currently, no evidence is available that proposes Southwest disburse earnings that place their workers at or beneath the poverty level. . The work values demonstrated by these social classes is uniform across the board, because these work values are directed by a steadfast dedication to the company and its success by all employees regardless of class (Hallowell, 1996).

Southwest Affected by Geographic Mobility

Within the United States, which is considered to be a geographically mobile society, people are allowed to move around geographic locations in order to fulfill their needs. Among items that may meet these needs are the ability to live life according to one’s own terms instead of those dictated by parents and society and also better jobs (Kottak and Kozaitis, 2003). This geographically mobility has not affected Southwest’s workforce because the airlines do an awesome job at recruiting and retaining their employees. This is based on the strategy the airline has implemented in the organization. For example, one strategy communicates the core values in regards to how employees treat one another. In addition, Southwest respects each person, care for others, and foster a spirit of community allowing employees to achieve success. This strategy is called LUV. Another strategy Southwest has implemented is identified as “FUN” which means promoting a carefree attitude.

The Role of Regional Variations

Regional characteristics define areas of the US such as the South for example, which has distinguishing features such as the Southern dialect (Kottak and...

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