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Society's Fear Of Genetic Engineering Essay

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Society's Fear of Genetic Engineering
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Anti-technologists and political extremists misinform, and over exaggerate statements that genetic
engineering is not part of the natural order of things. The moral question of genetic engineering can be
answered by studying human evolution and the idea of survival of the fittest. The question of safety can be
answered by looking at the current precautions of the industry. The concept that society needs to
understand is that with the right amount of time and money genetic engineering will help reduce disease and
save countless lives.

Many people do not realize that genetic engineering plays a role in many lives ...view middle of the document...

The reason for this is because a vaccine is a solution that contains a dead or
weakened virus that has been synthetically prepared. Further work on a HIV vaccine could save many lives
and possibly eliminate the disease. This biotechnology makes it possible for more people to live the lives
that would not have been available without genetic engineering.

Plants are also being genetically engineered. This type of genetic engineering is more commonly
accepted, but why? It is no different for a plant to be able to fight off pests then it is for a human to be able
to fight off diseases. This is a contradiction, because society is saying that it is all right for a plant to be
genetically engineered but not a human.
This new technology of genetic engineering dates back to the 1950?s. IN 1951 three scientists,
Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, and James Dewey Watson, were credited with the discovery of DNA. Later
they were presented the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine in 1962. (Lewin 1) DNA is also known as
deoxyribonucleic acid and it carries a living organisms genetic code. The discovery of DNA was the very
beginning of genetic engineering. Today the science of biotechnology has evolved to a much higher level,
but is still many steps away from completely correcting damaged or diseased genes. The reason is partly to
blame on the ignorance of society, because it believes that genetic engineering is wrong. The part of genetic
engineering that is wrong is holding back the natural process of science evolution.
Some benefits are used in medicine today, but the real benefits will come as genes can be altered
more. The real benefit that will help mankind is when bioengineers will be able to replace a cancer or
defective gene with a gene that does not have an error in its genetic code. ?The new science of genetic
engineering aims to take a dramatic shortcut in the slow process of evolution? (Stableford 25). What is
meant by the previous quote is that scientists hope to take a gene from an organism and change it so that it
will be immune to certain diseases and free from cancer. For example, many years ago small pox was widely
spread. Today it is almost nonexistent, because of the evolution of man. The only problem with this was it
took hundreds of years for our genetic code to adapt and make our bodies fight it.
The moral question of genetic engineering is answered by looking at the advances in medicine.
Today the advancements in medicine are evolving at an extremely high rate. If the science of genetic
engineering is wrong, then so are the rest of the advances in medicine. The reason is because genetic
engineering is just another form of medical advancement. Gene manipulation is not going to be used for any
other purpose except for the treatment and elimination of disease. The one thing that people need to realize
is the potential of genetic engineering. Try to visualize what parents of...

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