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Society's Creation Essay

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Society's Creation Society is a creator. We are its creation. None of us totally belong to ourselves. From the time of birth, we are influenced by others. However, we do not all perceive the influence the same way. The difference in perceiving gives us the noun, self. George Herbert Mead gave an array of insight on the self. He stated that the self is the result of social experience. My personality and attitudes have been shaped a great deal by society. Insecurity burdens my life in some way, shape, or form from day to day. I am extremely insecure about my appearance. Society has played a major role in this flaw; ubiquitously with mass media. Beauty is no longer defined as intelligence, humor, ...view middle of the document...

Growing up in the 1950's and 1960's, as he did, racism was common and taught to him by the society in which he was surrounded. I am upset and appalled when I think about the ignorance that covers his eyes and the opportunities and knowledge he lets slip away only because he refuses people merely on the basis of their skin color. His negativity has unleashed my open-mindedness to the world.Materialism, unfortunately, has been taught to me in some form by society; however, I should place the blame on my mother for spoiling all three of her children! What I would not give to have the "family sitcom" relationship with my mother and father where materialistic woes are unheard of and family togetherness are a household ritual. Not to say that I am unappreciative for everything my parents have done and provided for me, but I would gladly trade everything I own for the emotional comfort and satisfaction that I feel I have missed out on. A mother and father should not try to buy their child's love"¦it comes deeper than that."We can't become what we need to be by remaining what we are." -Oprah Winfrey Does the perfect person exist? I hope not. It is only through our own recognition, our looking glass selves, of our flaws and insecurities do we truly begin to learn about our "self". Change comes from within, that in accordance with time. I am proud of the self I have become and continue to improve upon everyday. It is a lifelong process of growing and experiencing. I realize now that these social factors have shaped my "self" for the future and the ideas and beliefs that will have a great impact on the lives' of my children.

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