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Society Influences Human Behavior Essay

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Society has been manipulating human behavior for centuries, commanding great influence over how we view ourselves and others. Life in the United States is generally fast paced, a society of ‘runners’ we struggle to fit daily activities in our already packed schedules, leading us to find short cuts in order to maximize our time. The quest for instant gratification in mental performance and physical beauty has normalized the extreme use of controlled substances along with surgical procedures that alters the physical appearance of an individual. Dissatisfied with their natural attributes, a frightening majority of society seems to be battling with their inner demons or low self-esteem; they ...view middle of the document...

“I have Adderall for sale 20 mg for $15,” one of many posts found on the BoredAt website where college students have idle conversations. Adderall is a prescription drug used by adults and children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, the warning for this drug states “Misuse or abuse of amphetamine may cause serious (possibly fatal) heart and blood pressure problems”. Nonetheless college students experiment with Adderall as it is known to increase focus and productivity, hence fulfilling the need for instant gratification. Similarly Virginia Blum highlighted the quest for instant gratification within our society as an increasing number of individuals seek “to maintain their edge in a culture obsessed with youth and physical perfection.” She argues that television more specifically reality shows that takes primetime spots based on physical alteration through plastic surgery is to be blamed for the increase of individuals choosing to undergo this rather drastic option.
Most of us can remember a time when it was perfectly fine to study hard in order to achieve good grades; this means that something has to be sacrificed in order to devote more time to academic work. Just the same it was normal to alter physical appearance by spending time working out, targeting specific areas in order to see desirable results. Hard work increases motivation and satisfaction as the reward is not taken for granted. The problem with these traditional methods is the time and dedication it takes to achieve and maintain results is not popular within a society who...

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