Socially Responsible Consumption Behaviour Essay

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Socially Responsible Consumption Behaviour

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary: 3
2. Problem Definition: 4
2.1. Background of the problem: 4
2.2. Statement of the problem: 5
3. Factors: 5
4. Research design: 6
4.1. Type of research design: 6
4.2. Data collection from primary sources: 6
4.3. Scaling techniques: 6
4.4. Questionnaire development: 6
4.5. Sampling technique: 7
Software used 7
Keywords 7
Paper type 7
5. Data Analysis and Results: 8
5.1. Factor Analysis: 10
5.2. Regression Analysis: 11
5.3. Cluster Analysis: 13
6. Conclusions and Recommendations: 14
8. References: 14
Appendix - A 15
Questionnaire 15

1 Executive summary
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Several scales of measurement designed to track or estimate population trends regarding SRC have been developed. These scales nonetheless suffer from many shortcomings and do not allow for exhaustive, consistent measurements of responsible consumption behaviour. One of the leading shortcomings of existing scales of measurement is that these scales do not make allowance for the multidimensional aspect of the concept. Certain measurements based solely upon attitudes and purchase intentions tend to skew social desirability, leading to overestimation of the level of responsible consumption (Walker et al. 2010; FrançoisLecompte & Valette-Florence 2009). These measurement problems of the SRC phenomenon clearly impact the quality of consumers‟ typologies that may emerge from them.
Basing oneself on available literature, it is impossible to identify convergent findings respecting responsible consumer profiles given the variety of definitions and measurement mechanisms employed (Bray, Johns & Kilburn 2011). Many questions remain unanswered when it comes to the factors associated with SRC (Paek & Nelson 2009). One of the key questions relates to demographic factors. A portion of topical literature reveals that the most responsible consumers are generally older (François-Lecompte & Valette-Florence 2006; Hines & Ames 2000) and exclusively female (François-Lecompte & Valette-Florence 2006; Parker 2002). Additionally, they are well educated (Dickson 2005) and hail from distinct socio -professional categories (François-Lecompte & Valette-Florence 2006). In contrast, yet another tranche of topical literature finds no significant relation between demographic factors and SRC behaviour (De Pelsmacker, Driesen & Rayp 2005; O‟Fallon & Butterfield 2005).

2.2. Statement of the problem:
Whether one’s personal shopping behaviour, recycling behaviour , individual shopping behaviour, individual environmentally friendly behaviour, his/her view of the world, individual future orientation, relationship with other people, his/her ability to do good in society are the main attributes which contributes on Socially Responsible Consumption Behaviour.

3 Factors:
* Personal shopping behaviour
* Recycling behaviour
* Individual shopping behaviour
* Individual environmentally friendly behaviour
* His/her view of the world
* Individual future orientation
* Relationship with other people
* His/her ability to do good in society

4 Research design:
5.1. Type of research design:
As this research is testing the specific hypothesis and examines the relationship between the consumption behaviour towards social responsibility, it is a conclusive research design type. Under this type of research it is descriptive type of research as its main...

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