Socialization Over The Life Course Essay

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Table of content
What is socialization? 1-2
Statement of problem 3
Review literature 3
Socialization over the course of life 4
Childhood 4-5
Adolescence 6-7
Adulthood 8-9
Old age 10-11
Death and dying 12
Conclusion 13
Bibliography 14

What is socialization?
Socialization is the lifelong social experience by which people develop their human potential and learn culture. It is also the process by which individual acquired social skills, language, behaviors to socialize with each and everyone in the world. In this entire situation, we will be gaining social experience from others. Social experience is also the foundation of personality, a person’s fairly ...view middle of the document...

Schools give most children their first experience with bureaucracy and impersonal evaluation. The peer group objective is to help shape attitude and behavior whereas the mass media have a large impact on the modern society. Developmental socialization is the process of developing one’s social skills. Anticipatory socialization is where process is taken in advance for future occupations and positions. Besides that, total institution is also one type of socialization. It is a place where people are isolated from the rest of society for a period of time and their lives are controlled by the officials who run the institution. For instance, prisons, mental hospitals and monasteries.

Statement of problem
To analyze how socialization affect an individual over the life course. It starts from childhood, adulthood, old age until the death take place. In short, socialization is not a short-term event and it is a super lifelong process.
Review Literature
The “Child Development Theory: Adolescence” by Eric Erikson focus on the human stage development from childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age to death and dying. He explained how people develop the sense of identity and how people beliefs about themselves which allow them to become a member of society. Each of this stage related with age and time of life. For each stage, there are many different status and role to be performed. And all this require in daily life to socialize others or being socialized.
Besides that, the article “The Journey towards Death” explained that the dying process usually will begin before death actually occurs. The article also describe that people will face mental change and physical change before one to two weeks prior to death. Therefore, some of the old people always will tell their children and grandchildren the last wishes or want to meet all the children because they know they are going through the dying process and eventually will die at anytime.

Socialization over the course of life
Life is precious. It can only be produce by two different genders where biological processes are formed. A child was form after that and this started the journey of that child. In the event of this child as age goes on, there are few stages that have been separated which are childhood, adolescence, adulthood old age and also death. All this stages of live from birth to death were call life course. In all these stages, there will be different characteristics problems and how the individual make decisions on various stages. This can be the learning process for the individual. It can be happy, sad, exciting, challenging and so on when age rise up. Through the process of socialization society tries to prepare its members for taking upthe roles and statuses associated with life course stages. In each stages of life course that individual will go through, few factors that will shape lives are race class, ethnicity and gender. Moreover, social experience is structured during different...

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