Social Workers And Their Long Term Clients

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Social Workers and Their Long Term Clients
Drunetta Graham
Anie Sklar

Clients Perceptions of Their Difficulties
When Clients start to reflect on their difficulties they are reminded of all the hardships that may be going on such as, lack of money, problems with their families, and just being lonely. These types of hardships may be a reality, but when it actually happens to someone, it can become a very hard process. Some clients also have health issues that cause them to not have a typical routine. With relationships, these problems can cause a husband and a wife to start having disagreements, this can cause the other spouse to think that there’s no support. As stated in ...view middle of the document...

Eventually the client will form a relationship with the social worker and they will know that the door is always open.

Social Workers Perceptions of Clients Difficulties
Social workers are there to assist the client in whatever the need is, but they are also there to make sure the client doesn’t become forever dependent on the system. They want the client to realize they don’t have to just sit around and wait on anything, but to get out there and be self sufficient. “Dependence on Welfare bogs families down and does not advance them. What’s more, it transmits this lack of progress to the succeeding generations.” (Krumer-Nevo, M., Slonim,-Nevo V., &Hirshenzon-Segev, E., 2006)(34). The social worker never encourages the client to remain on welfare, they try to give them the resources to be independent and help themselves.

Social Workers Attitudes and Perceptions Regarding Assistance Given
When trying to give assistance to the client, the social worker often times feel as though the clients are not interested especially if they aren’t getting some financial stability....

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