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Research Proposal


A research proposal is a plan written by someone undertaking research in describing the details of a proposed investigation. It outlines the entire research process and provides a summary of the information discussed in the proposal (Walliman 2001). Further, Grix (2010) highlights that basically, a research idea or hypotoses is presented and with rational and realistic ways of how the problem may be resolved. It seeks to analyse, compare and contrast existing research on an identified issue and forecasts the researcher’s plan for a new perspective, based on reviewing literature and identifying any gaps in knowledge or issues, which would provide a public ...view middle of the document...

However, it was identified that the issue of living with dementia as a disability needed further research and exploration in how care is administered. Equally, (Hoe et al,

2009) states that there is a lack in clarity where people with dementia has moved to a category of having learning difficulty, resultant of dementia and how person-centred working engages these dual issues, in terms of accommodation setting or model of care. Further, the Department of Health (DoH) has also identified that people are increasingly becoming marginalised or segregated in their own communities, as a result of experiencing dementia, or being treated or seen as disabled.

As a result of the issues identified, Forbat and Wilkinson (2008) further states that people suffering from dementia and developed learning difficulties as a result are one of the most marginalised or excluded whether through complexity of the illness, lack of communication or the progressiveness of the diminished cognitive abilities. Therefore, it was noted from the literature that a series of deficits such as appropriate staff training and advanced planning, (including that of social workers), adapted communication and accurate statistics of those predicted to be affected or actually affected.

Thompson and Wright (2001) identifies, in order to address the gaps in the care and service to people suffering learning difficulties or dementia staff need to be trained and worked in specialised streams, a social model of working need to be implemented incorporating individual social, emotional, as much as physical needs. On the other hand, Thompson and Wright (2001) also highlight that the blending of knowledge from key areas of disability and dementia must be implemented. Also, Rubin and Babbie (2005) argue that exploratory studies cannot provide adequate answers to research questions, and as a result is not representative.


I plan to explore the issues involved in a case study of older people who suffer dementia within the last five years and have been placed in residential care homes. The disciplines of psychology, sociology, law and mental health and social care are essential in exploring this problem because a single disciplinary perspective would not adequately address the issue. In carrying out this research, I will use a constructionism and interpretivism paradigm. This is because my ontological position is in agreement with Wisker (2009) that reality is subjected to construction and interpretation, based on questions derived from our value bases and contextual worldview, concluding that generalisations cannot be upheld, although may interlink with similar contexts. The epistemological position is that knowledge is constructed and interpreted. I will conduct interviews and record them as per verbatim received from the interactions. In order to satisfy social work values and ethical applications, I will seek the permission of the participant prior to or at the interview...

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