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Social Work Paper

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Social work 200
Mid-term paper
Professor Donnell Phillips

This paper discusses the different fields of social work zoning in on Clinical/medical social work, the educational requirement, the different functions of a Clinical/medical social workers and a couple of challenges they face in their field.

Many may ask why social work is important or why it is in existence, however with the alarming rate of dependency in todays’ society we have come to see that social work is an important piece needed for the society to function. With purposes such as being able to remediate social problems such as provide counseling, job training for a displaced worker, enhance social ...view middle of the document...

This enables the student to be able to work in positions such as direct services which include being a caseworker, or positions such as a mental health assistant. However most Clinical/medical social workers must obtain a master’s degree in social work which takes about 2 years to complete during which the student must complete an internship in their concentration. This prepares students to be able to work in their chosen field of work. Also the student must take a licensing exam and pass in the state in which they plan to practice in and each licensing requirements differ from state to state.
Secondly, clinical/medical social workers perform a wide variety of duties which include helping patients and families understand the illness and treatment options as well as consequences of various treatments or refusal of treatment. For example a medical social worker is able to explain to a cancer patient or his/her family the treatments options available for cancer and make them understand and cope with the illness such as connecting them with a therapist or with resources they would need outside of the hospital after treatment is completed, the medical social worker would also make them understand what life will be like if the patient refuses treatment and still provides them with available resources to enable them cope with day to day life activities. Furthermore, they help in the facilitating of decision making on behalf of patients and families, i.e they are able to help the family or patient come to a conclusion on their treatment what each options entail and are able to help the family decide which treatment would be better. They also educate patients on the level of health care needed which could be acute which is a situation in which a patient receives active but short term treatment for a severe injury, subacute which requires more intensive nursing care rather than hospital acute care and home care. They also coordinate patient discharge and continuity of care planning, after a patient has been treatment a clinical/medical social worker works in conjunction with the hospital when discharging the patient and connects the patient and family with resources that will ensure...

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