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Social Work Agency Information Paper

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Tajai Reed
Social Work 2100
November 7th, 2013
Agency Paper
The agency that my group and I decided to do our presentation on was the Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital. Reason we chose this facility is because we wanted to think outside of the box, and challenge ourselves to an agency we did not know much about. Earlier this week, I finally got the chance to meet with Janet and Hilary. Janet is the leader of all of the social workers that work there, along with Hilary who happened to be her student, who she was interning. The interview went quite well. I was able to ask questions not only on their selves and the agency, but personal questions and advice they `thought that would help me further along in my social work experience.
Starting with the agency, I was able to get a ...view middle of the document...

In other words, if I was knew someone who may be a danger to their selves or someone else I would contact the CMH. From that point, they will make deeper investigation and send those people to be checked in at the hospital. No one is allowed to just walk in and check in by their selves. Since this agency is funded by the state it does accept assurance. Luckily if you didn’t have any money, you would still be able to receive services. What I found interesting was that there were a lot of varieties of professional roles token place there. Not only were there social workers, psychiatrist, and psychologist but they had professional roles such as: hairdressers teachers, occupational therapist, recreational therapist, and plenty more. As a whole the agency holds a total of 210 clients; dividing these clients in several units. Those being: Geriatric, men abilities, Gender woman, co-ed, and three general male units.
While interviewing Janet, she said something that truly grabbed my attention. She stated, “You’re a social worker, or you’re not a social worker.” As soon as she said that I didn’t have to ask her what she meant by that quote. It instantly came to me. When interested in becoming a social worker, you cannot do it for the money. As you will see its not for the money she stated. She absolutely loves her job for the passion she has to be a social worker. Mrs. Janet has been working for the state of Michigan as a social worker for 22 years. She received her bachelor and Masters Western Michigan University where she earned both of her degrees. Her favorite part about being a mental health social worker was that she got to work alongside of people and seeing people change to succeed. Her least favorite part of this career was not being able to do all that needs to be done for her patients. Since she is the lead social worker she over looks everything that is being done, and helps where she needs to fit in.

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