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Social Theory Essay

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Reaction Report #1
Let’s start with a definition of what is a sociological theory? Sociological theory is group of assertions that is used to reach a conclusion in how to resolve a problem, action, behavior in an assortment ways. Every theory has its own opinion and explanation about different aspects of society, but none of them is considered better than the other one. I’ll be analyzing college’s education from three different perspectives.
Functionalism theory or Macro-sociology Perspective is based on maintaining a stable social system when all the parts contribute to it in doing their job. They don’t believe in change, it is like a pie where every ingredient is important and if one ...view middle of the document...

Conflictive Perspective, its function is based in tension, hostility, competition and disagreement. It looks into power and social injustice; they see change as part of their function. Two views develop from this perspective Marxist View and Feminist View.
As the Marxist view we can say that college education will help to bring to light the inequality between social classes. Let’s face it, poor families have a necessity to work to survive in this country and they can’t afford to send their kids to college. Many of them are illegal immigrants that are forced to pay from their pocket if they want to give an education to their kids. Many of them don’t even bother because, they lack legal papers. Their kids won’t have the chance to apply and work toward their degrees.
When we see Wells-Barnett idea we look into a college degree as a gender discriminator due to the fact that when females and males with the same education for the same job, workforce usually reward more to the males.
As the last perspective, we will see the Symbolic Interactionism or...

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