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Social Technical Systems…The People Behind The Systems Are The Keys To A Successful Future

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February 25 th, 2012

A socio-technical system is a combination of people and technology working together towards one common goal or objective whether the goal is to increase sales in a company or develop a program to help design and build a safer automobile. The employees that operate the devices, tools and run the computers systems are the driving force behind any successful social technical system.

A social technical system is a combination of people and technology working together, the ...view middle of the document...

She includes the relationships between people with their values and behavioral styles. She also describes it as the formal power structure identified using traditional organizational charts. However, she continues with the aspect of an informal power structure based on influence and knowledge of personnel. The technical system makes up the second part of the puzzle. This system, according to Zia (2011), is “machinery, processes, procedures and a physical arrangement.” The Bert painter’s case study clearly demonstrated the importance of the social system and values to implant any socio-technical changes within any company, According to Maxell (2009), “Public governance as a socio technical system” STS requires those who work to get a great deal more authority, control, skills, and information than what was customary with scientific management. Socio-technical designers seek to broaden each individual's knowledge of social and economic consequences, and encourage each worker to develop a range of skills to get results. The work group becomes the focus of change. In addition, Wang (2009), “ Distance learning success - a perspective from socio-technical system theory “ indicate that organizations using STS should structure the task, authority, and reporting relationships around the work group by delegating decisions regarding job assignments, training, inspection, rewards, and punishment to the group. The aim is to optimize both technical and social subsystems for the benefit of the larger system. Management is responsible for coordinating the groups according to the demands of the work and task environment. Their role is to monitor the environmental factors that effect internal operations and coordinate the two subsystems.

Finally organizations need to establish a shared set of values and beliefs that align with the social and technical aspects of the company managers to achieve the organizations business objectives. These values provide the linkages between the organization's members, structure, systems, and processes used in the adoption of management project methods. There are many benefits to this method that reveals that when workers values agree with those...

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