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Social Study Essay

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Peter and John borrowed money from Gilbert, Gilbert asks them to assist a robbery because they fail to repay the loan, which earlier they agreed to do whatever Gilbert ask them to do if they fail to repay the loan. Upon succeeding, they need not to repay any further sum and will receive some diamonds as reward. There is an agreement between Peter, John and Gilbert to commit the robbery that is an illegal act, and for dishonesty, they intentionally assist the robbery, Peter is responsible for arranging a car for escaping and John is responsible for pretend to be a customer in order to divert the attention of the manager. So both Peter and John have committed the offence of Conspiracy To ...view middle of the document...

Peter knew that the car was not being stolen (mr) and he told the police the car was being stolen by someone (ar) with these elements of offence Peter could be charge with Making False Report.

2 days after the robbery, David pawned a 3-carat diamond at a pawnshop, pawnshop feeling suspicious so he reported to the police. David might commit Handling Stolen Goods, but there are too many missing fact in this case. Assume that David received the 3-carat diamond from Peter and it is stolen goods from the robbery, actus reus can be seen as there are elements of offence handling and stolen goods. The mens reas are the missing fact; knowingly (mr) we are not sure did David admit when arrested. But believingly (mr) since the doctrine of recent possession, the closest the time gap between tends to support the knowledge of David and it was two days after the robbery. Handling Stolen Goods refers to s.24 of Theft Ordinance, Peter and John have committed the offence of Handling Stolen goods as they receive diamonds from Gilbert as reward after the robbery, but if the 3-carat diamond that David pawn was given by Peter and it was stolen goods from the robbery, there will be high chance that David have committed the offence of Handling Stolen Goods.

David was arrested by the police for being a suspect for handling stolen goods, after he pawned a 3-carat diamond at a pawnshop the pawnshop keeper felt suspicious. David claim that Peter owns him $100,000 for 2 months and Peter lost his car so Peter gave him the diamond as repayment. He pawn the diamond because of worrying the diamond being fake.
Normally, a reasonable man are not willing to lend his car to a...

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