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Social Studies Essay

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You should focus your study on the essential questions for chapters 19-23.
19- Why did the Great War last so long and bring about so much change? – look at how fighting was different from all other wars- how did it affect German citizens on the home front- What was the post war peace settlement and how would you feel about it as a German citizen?- What do you think will be the lasting effects of the Great War?

20- What changes did the Russian revolution bring about within Russia ...view middle of the document...

What were the causes and effects of political unrest in Latin America in the 19th and 20th centuries?- Understand the different tensions common in Latin American during this time period: conservative vs. liberal, elite vs. masses, peaceful change vs. violent change, dictatorship vs. democracy and nationalism vs. imperialism. Be able to apply this to Mexico during this time period.

22- How did colonialism lay the groundwork for the emergence of the modern Middle East? Be familiar with the regions (Ottoman Empire/Turkey, Syria and Lebanon, Palestine, the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa) Be able to explain how European powers engaged in colonialism in the regions, how the region was affected by said colonialism. What nationalism is and how it was a reaction of imperialism. Be able to analyze and comment on imperialism versus nationalism.

23- What accounted for the rise of totalitarian states after WWI? Know the word inevitable (was going to happen no matter what), what factors led to the rise of fascism and totalitarianism in Europe after WWI? – be able to cite specific examples of this. Be able to analyze the question with well thought out opinion and support of historical information “was the rise of fascist and totalitarian governments in Europe inevitable?

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