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Social Responsibility Essay

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Wal-Mart, one of the biggest retail stores in the United States is widely known for its convenience and its wide range of products. Wal-Marts primary focus is their consumers which are potential employees, consumers, and investors. Having a positive presence in the community that it serves and also aiding in economic advancements is key to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is now trying to develop different ways in which it can markets itself as a socially responsible employer while offering a wide variety of opportunities to is potential candidates.
In today’s job market, a company’s social responsibility has become come increasingly imperative. Much emphasis is put on how a company can demonstrates ...view middle of the document...

Target also holds recruitment fairs on campus and off campus in seeking employment not only within students, but within the community, which is always going to be beneficial as far as longevity for the company goes. Another key aspect that target has to attract people to want to work there, is their very eye catching website. As soon as you click under careers there are several opportunities for any type of student that is in college and nonstudents. You are also able to click under different cities and find out where and when each event is located and will be taken place. These are just some things Wal-Mart could invest in.
Wal-Mart’s competitors establish themselves socially among candidates early on and don’t just offer information when requested or at the time seeking employment. For Wal-Mart to be successful they must do the same. Wal-Mart needs to begin to sell their brand to candidates early on. Heavy recruitment on college campuses and in heavily populated youthful cities is a must.
Here at Florida A&M University many companies sell their brand through campus ambassadors. The campus ambassadors are outstanding students of the university, also serving in the position...

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