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Social Psychology Psy 400 Essay

774 words - 4 pages

Social Psychology

Dawn S. Peck

PSY 400

David Brueshoff

Social Psychology

What is Social Psychology all about? Why is the study of it so important? Is there truly a purpose and benefit from the findings of the studies? Let’s look at each of these questions, break them down, and try to make sense of it all. Simply defined, Social Psychology is the scientific study of individual attitude and how it effects or influences others in a social context. It is helpful to understand the why, what, or could be, behind a behavior or reaction. Those that research this field, can provide credible insight to assist with understanding and ultimately contribute to ...view middle of the document...

The Importance of Social Psychology
It is said that we are all unique and how we deal with "challenges" and "situations" will depend a lot on multiple factors. Depending on which school of thought you agree with most, will surely depict how you derive your conclusion. For instance, in Social Psychology, the focus is to study the attitude of people and how their attitude affects others… Marketers have mastered such studying and have used the findings to "play on our emotions" in order to solicit their product for profit. Something as simple as when you go to the grocery store, and there are samples offered; the merchant is most likely testing a product prior to a full launch. They want to know if what they are pushing is worth it. More importantly, the study of Social Psychology is necessary to unite people of different cultures and backgrounds by learning the universal likes and dislikes. Child Hunger, Sex-Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Poverty, Education, Same-Sex Marriages, Murder, and even Rape are all sensitive issues that require an understanding of what's right and wrong, furthermore, addressing these situations is an art in its self. Who is responsible for setting the standards and enforcing "socially acceptable" punishment and resolution? The public is, thus, the reason this branch of psychology is critical.

What Separates...

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