Social Psychology Definition Essay

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Social Psychology Definition
Heather de Leur
April 9, 2012
Robert Irizarry

Social Psychology Definition
What is Social Psychology? Social Psychology is defined as a discipline that uses scientific methods "to understand and explain how the thought, feeling and behavior of individuals are influenced by the actual, imagined or implied presence of other human beings (Allport, 1985). So learning about Social Psychology we know that it looks at huge variety of social topics. Some of the topics that it does touch base on are topics like group behavior, leadership, social perception, aggression, prejudice, and nonverbal behavior. But one must be aware of is that it also touches base ...view middle of the document...

With general psychology we know that this is the one that actually studies human behavior and finally with Sociology this is the one that studies the human social behavior. So even though they are a like they are only slightly different.
The research in Social Psychology is simple. With Social Psychology it is really only concerned with how groups and societies interact at a certain level. The social Psychology is mainly just involved with the individual psychology of social interaction. With that being said there are however a few consequences that can happen. The first one being general observation that sociology relies on survey research (Cherry, 2012). But when clinical psychology plays its part it takes into consideration that they both depend on experimental research to be able to verify the hypotheses. With general psychology it usually refers to as a personality psychology which in this case would differ from social psychology because of its emphasis on the difference between individuals rather than the effects that the individuals would have on one another.
So in other words Sociology is similar to Social Psychology because in a way they both study social interaction as well as clinical psychology. They both use experimental research to help confirm their hypotheses as well as personality psychology because they both help to understand the individual. But however they both differ because one is more dependent on correlational and survey research and social psychology differs from personality psychology because of the individual interaction over the person difference...

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