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Social Psychology Defined Essay

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Social Psychology Defined
Jackeline Rodriguez
June 18th, 2014
Jacqueline Burnett-Brown

Social Psychology Defined
There are many different forms of psychology that have been discovered and have made their mark in the world of psychology and in science. In this paper, social psychology will be defined and further explain how social psychology is different from other forms of psychology, and provide insight into how and why research is needed in social psychology.
Social psychology is the scientific study of the way that people think about one another and how people influence and relate to each other in a society (Myers, 2010). There are other factors that play a significant ...view middle of the document...

A social psychologist would probe and ask if the person lives alone, what type of environment is the patient in or if they have a support group, assessing the social aspects of what could possibly be causing the patient to be depressed (Ross, 1998). Clinical psychology focuses on biological effects of thought and behavior and concentrates on diagnoses and treatment of mental health disorders. Clinical psychology would be used to treat different types of conditions such as; eating disorders, depression, anxiety and various types of addiction. In clinical psychology there are principles that need to be applied and researched before diagnosing and developing a treatment plan for a patient (Ross, 1998).
Social psychology is not only used in a medical setting, social psychology focuses on behavior, culture, perception and beliefs therefore it can be used to study and research religion, politics, television and philosophies. Psychology is now considered a science, in order for anything to be considered a science means that it has to be able to be measured. Through scientific research social psychologist are able to understand causes of social...

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