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Social Psychology 315 Manufacturing Beauty Essay

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Social Psychology 315
Critical Thinking Exercise - Manufacturing Beauty

Cindy Jackson’s Social Self, Self-Concept, Self Esteem, & Self Presentation

Self-concept is the individual’s beliefs about him or herself, including their attributes and who and what the self actually is. Self-concept can also be about a person’s identity which also plays a key role in determining that individual’s behavior. Cindy Jackson’s website reveals that she had very low self-esteem as a child. She had believed that she was very unattractive, I would even go as far as saying a misfit. She disliked her physical appearance, which means she couldn’t accurately describe herself using observable ...view middle of the document...

She strongly believed that plastic surgery changed her entire life. Men seem to find her more desirable physically. Cindy stated “that she’s only going to stop getting surgery when she dies, when they hammer that final nail into her coffin. Then then went on to say that it is her anniversary of her first 25 years of surgery and that she has many more to come (Halliwell, 2012).” According to Meyers the definition of the physical attractiveness stereotype is the presumption that physically attractive people possess other socially desirable traits as well: What is beautiful is good. To me I think this factors into my findings about Cindy because she feels as though her being attractive physically means that she’ll have other socially desirable traits. Cindy stated “from the age of six I knew I was a plain-looking girl and that it put me at a disadvantage compared to my far prettier classmates (Halliwell, 2012).” So as you can she already felt like compared to everyone else she wasn’t the most attractive which made her feel like she didn’t have any other redeemable qualities. Cindy felt like if she was more beautiful she would’ve been treated better, which to me there is some truth to that. People who don’t feel as confident in their looks will start behave in that manner. Myers states “If physical attractiveness is that important, then permanently changing people's attractiveness should change the way others react to them.” In Cindy’s case this makes perfect sense because she felt a misfit, she got the surgery to change, and now she feels accepted. And seeing as she’s was very unhappy, she got multiple procedures (Honigman & others, 2004). Cindy also said “A friend said that when I smiled my nose and chin looked as though they might touch. It made me feel ugly.” This is why she worked as hard as she did to change because her physical appearance wasn’t the best. I’m not sure if looking good on the outside changes who you are on the inside. I think no matter how much surgery she gets, or how good she feels, she’ll always be that 6-year-old girl who wasn’t perfect.
Mass Media Influence and Cindy Jackson’s Lifeworld

The media influences Cindy Jackson’s lifeworld because the media is how she’s been able to reach the world to tell her story. She’s also been able to get her products and services across global clients through the mass media. I would also say the media influenced her lifeworld because almost everyone in the media is “perfect”. She wanted to be perfect and she got the job done. She’s basically a walking Barbie doll as some say. And seeing as the media was very accepting to what she’s done, I’m...

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