Social Policy: Poverty Essay

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Social Policy: Poverty

Rahma Yaxye

Defining the extent of poverty

We are living in through an era of radical socioeconomic change; increases in unemployment, high welfare dependence, debt, and slashes on government public spending. This is something the western world has come to deal with, whereas many societies across the globe have always been soiled in poverty from Africa to Asia, also South America. In our society, poverty is significant because it wrongfully defined who you are. Socioeconomic ultimately shape your future from where you live, highest form education you receive, career view, and the even you’re children’s future. It tends to naturally fall in to a cycle, ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, “Absolute poverty” means a person is below the poverty line, therefore cannot do so autonomously, and rely on others in other to survive in cases. Finally, another difference is absolute poverty suggests a comparison of poverty to all people in the world, whereas relative indicated the poverty with your own people in your own culture/society.

I have two pieces of researching that highlights both types of poverty. For example, “” – 40% of UK children live in relative poverty as I stated above, and of 13,233,230 of 5,559,000 live in low income families or families living in poverty. It doesn’t clearly state figures for both definitions of poverty; however it highlights children who are trapped in to poverty because of their households. It will affect all aspect of their lives from education, to their fore coming futures and it almost ensures poverty in their offspring. Sociologists prefer relative poverty as a definition rather than absolute for obvious reasons. In some sense it’s a lot less harsh however the reality cannot be overlooked. For example in a study in 2007 (JRF), absolute poverty can be short lived as study show that from 1991 – 1997 half of those living in poverty left after a year, and 2/3 after 3 years. It proved only 25 remained in poverty for the whole 7 years, and this proves that absolute poverty is a permanent fix; however it means only a progression in to relative poverty.

Reasons why poverty exists

Causes of poverty

Cultural poverty is based on the idea that the poor man has its own value system suggesting the poor stay in poverty because they have learnt to adapt to it. It can be argued why poverty exist in a nation as economically developed as the United Kingdom. It is a serious issue that occurs all over the United Kingdom, and here are a few causes or trigger points of poverty. Personal debt tends to be a popular trigger, as the debt builds so does its interest rate, and what was thought to essential at the time seems to take an individual backwards from financial progression. In most cases, when someone isn’t able to pay off a debt, it results to repossession of their possessions. Debt may begin a cycle of poverty, and this makes it difficult supporting anyone.

The lack of education plays a large part in poverty, little or no education leads to low paid jobs or commonly unemployment. This puts a strain on financial funds to support yourself and a family. In my opinion, poverty tends to be passed from one generation to another. A family living in poorer circumstances often have more children, and these children’s lives are shaped sadly with the hands of poverty. They tend to not do well in school because education isn’t stressed as much finance is; they may suffer bullying for being “raggedy” and “dirty” in appearance. A sense of worthlessness, shame and social exclusion is felt by children from people outside their circumstances....

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