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Social Policy Essay

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According to Bynoe (1998), implementation is the process of putting into affect or carrying out an authoritive decision of government as opposed to formulating them. Such decisions are enacted by a legislative body.
Implementation also puts the objectives of policies into action in order to accomplish desired results. Therefore, implementation can be seen as making a policy happen. This suggests that although policy formulation and adaption are necessary tools, implementation adds sufficiency.
Although this sounds simple, decades of research on policy implementation show that there are complexities of putting policies into action as Bynoe (1998) suggests that policy implementation can ...view middle of the document...

Although one of the key principles of the act was that children were at best brought up within their own family environment, changes brought in by the act also made reflection in terms of dissatisfaction and concerns with professional services for the children such as Jasmine Beckford (1985) Kimberley Carlile (1987) and Tyra Henry (1987) who all tragically died in their parents care. Such cases highlighted the failure of agencies to work together successfully to protect children, and the failure of Social Services to intervene, particularly when parents avoided contact. (The Politics, 2010)
Consequently, the focal purpose of the act was sought to accomplish and improve balance in terms of reinforcing the autonomy of the family and enabling parents to be able to exercise their parental responsibilities without interference from states where parents were struggling to meet their children’s needs (Brophy, 2009).Therefore, the Act provided support from local authorities for families where children were defined as ‘in need’ (Children Act, 1989). Furthermore, this implies that children ‘in need’ would have to find themselves as being at risk of significant harm before any services are offered to them.
In addition, the act aimed to revolutionise practices and procedures for the protection of children, for example, where there were concerns with regards to any form of child neglect. The act also made amendments for the work of all professionals and agencies who were involved in child protection work due to the extensive amount of debate and public consultation about law, legal procedure and the philosophy and principles that should underscore changes in this field. So therefore, the act brought jointly a private and public law which was moulded into one framework. (Packman and Hall, 1995)

The act also sought to ensure that children and young people were consulted and fully informed with regards to any actions or decisions made against them as well as recognising the need that race, culture, language and religion as being a crucial factor for courts and local authorities making decisions about the children.

In the midst of the critical changes that was hoped to flow from the Children Act (1989) was the reduction in court delays. The new emphasis involved partnership and the need to achieve a better balance between the rights and responsibilities of individuals as well as protecting children. Nevertheless Beckett (2006) found that virtually three as many court orders were made in 2002 whilst the average set of care proceedings were moderately as long. In addition, children are still waiting for almost two years or more from start to final order.
Such statistics are deplorable and not acceptable as one of the principles of the act described in section one was no delay in courts. (Children Act, 1989)
This is also argued by Barnardos (2010) who runs 415 projects across the UK and works directly with over 100,000 families providing services for...

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