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Social Policies Decisions Paper

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Social Policy Decisions Paper
BSHS 355

Social Policy Decisions Paper
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a nonprofit organization in the United States that seeks to stop drunk driving, support those affected by drunk driving, prevent underage drinking, and pushes for stricter alcohol policies. MADD was founded in 1980 in California by Candice Lightner after her 13-year-old daughter, Cari, was killed by a drunk driver. This paper will discuss the following; why MADD was created; the problem that led to the creation of MADD; how the problem was identified as a social problem; policies created as a result of MADD’s influence; problems experienced while implementing the policies; the ...view middle of the document...

). The power of numbers was soon evident as the Coalition set legislative initiatives and used its power and influences to bring them to the public and the forefront. Lightner’s efforts led to President Reagan appointing a blue ribbon commission on drunk and drugged driving in 1982 and 400 new laws associated with drunk driving were placed all over the country. She served on committees such as the National Partnership for Drug-Free Use, National Highway Safety Commission, National Commission on Drunk Driving and the Presidents Commission for Drunk and Drugged Driving. The states changed the legal drinking age to 21 in 1982. Some states chose not to change, which caused Candace to work harder. Within two years, a graduated license law was passed that would require teens receive more driver training before hitting the highways alone. Other laws passed at that time included a secondary seat belt law, stiffer penalties for driving under the influence with children in the vehicle, the long-fought for Open Container law, and finally after 15 years, the .08 BAC law (MADD, n.d.). Consequences are very severe for offenders of this crime. If a driver is caught driving over the legal limit they face jail time, getting their license revoked, attend many mandatory classes and high fees (Hanson, 2013).
Implementing these policies was not an easy task. There were a few problems while trying to get them started. Funding for the program and advertising took lots of supporters and money. There were statements and rumors started about where the funds were going and what they were used for, which aroused suspicion and put up a barrier for trust. There were also taxes added to beer purchases that some felt was not fair to the beer drinker who only drinks on the weekends. Eventually, MADD started to become something that Lightner wasn’t happy about because they began to change their focus (Hanson, n.d.). Their focus shifted from the drunk driver to people who drink alcohol, which caused society to be defiant towards their policies.
The effects of their policies...

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