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Social Policies Essay

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Item 2B:
* Government policies and laws include tax, benefits, divorce and marriage.
* Feminist- social policies assume the ideal family is a patriarchal nuclear family, so social policies favour this type of family.
* New right- argue benefit systems undermine traditional nuclear families by actively encouraging lone parents.

Item 2B:
* Government policies and laws include tax, benefits, divorce and marriage.
* Feminist- social policies assume the ideal family is a patriarchal nuclear family, so social policies favour this type of family.
* New right- argue benefit systems undermine traditional nuclear families by actively encouraging lone parents.

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In the view of the functionalist this policy would be seen as bad as it does not allow the nuclear family to be present which in their opinion is the best type of functional family for society to work properly. In agreement with the Functionalist that this policy has negative effects on the family is Feminists, they see this policy as bad as there is now predominately a population of men whereby women and baby girls get disregarded as useless.
Another policy is the Legalisation of abortion in 1967. The policy was there to legalised abortion with the aim to reduce the amount of disease and death associated with illegal abortion. Functionalist would again see this policy as having negative effects on the family as it threatens the natural nuclear family with monogamous relationships. Women could now sleep with anyone including their partner and still get rid of the baby if they fell pregnant, therefore the family will no longer be a solid institution. The New Right also agree that the policy has negative effects on the family as it threatens the natural family of having the child you first fell pregnant with, they believe the family should be untouched so that family bonds remain strong. In contradiction the Feminists take a more positive view on this policy believing it is more beneficial to women as women now have a say, if they don’t want to they do not have to have a...

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