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Water pollution can come from a number of different sources. Many solids, liquids and gaseous substances can cause pollution if they enter the water environment. Common pollutants include chemicals, oil and waste products. Even substances such as milk, which pose no risk to human health, can cause serious harm to the water environment.
You must have authorisation if you discharge anything other than clean, uncontaminated water to surface waters or groundwater. Surface waters include rivers, reservoirs and canals, and make up a small percentage of fresh water reserves. Groundwater is all water below the water table. Groundwater makes up the largest available reserve of fresh ...view middle of the document...

They are the ones who are working vehemently towards water pollution prevention. How are they doing that and what needs to be done, really? The following article will give you details of the same, as well as give you an idea of how to prevent water pollution.

Methods to Prevent Water Pollution

It is important to understand the causes of water pollution, only then can prevention of water pollution be carried out effectively. Preventing water pollution is indeed possible and these are some of the methods that will work best.

Industry Waste
Major industries, chemical factories, business houses and other multinationals that use methods of processing in their factories, dump the waste that is generated in varied water bodies. This comes about as a point source of pollution because it pollutes the water from a single source (drain pipe etc). Needless to say, this leads to alarming rates of water pollution. It is not that the waste cannot be treated before dumping it in the water, but waste water treatment is an expensive process that most industries ignore because it directly affects their profits. So also, the government policies that require industries to treat the waste are most often so lax that industries do not follow them. An example of a pollution prevention policy can be - paying a fine for not treating the waste. Industries prefer paying the fine (which is often quite minimal).

There needs to be immediate action taken in this direction. The rules, policies and laws regarding water purification systems need to be made stringent such that the industries cannot break them. Treatment of the waste needs to be a prerequisite and not an option for industries.

Chemical Usage
Industries are not the only culprits that lead to increased levels of water pollution. We, through our everyday activities add to water pollution as well. The chemicals that we use in our daily lives like the fertilizers and pesticides on our lawns seep into the ground and make their way into the water bed, thus polluting it. Or the detergent powders that are used for varied washing and cleaning purposes also find their way into the water bed. These chemicals do not have to be dumped into the water directly either. If these chemicals are used near water bodies, they still get carried into the streams and rivers through wind and other sources and affect the ecology of the fish and other creatures of the sea. Thus ruining the ecological balance and causing water pollution.

Vehicle Emissions
The toxic fumes exhumed by vehicles not only lead to air pollution, but also water pollution. These fumes go up into the air and settle there taking up the form of soot. The soot being heavy, is brought down to the ground and will not only make its way into varied water bodies, but also settle onto the ground and seep into the water table - thus destroying the water ecology.

Tips for Preventing Water Pollution

While bringing stringent laws and policies into action is...

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