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Social Networking Essay

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Online Social Networks and Adolescents
Social networking has become more popular with adolescents and young adults today. Facebook is one of the many social network high school students have. Parent and teachers have concerns about social networking effects on adolescent social development. Everyone is using online social networking sites. Today, more and more adolescents are already using social media to maintain relationships and connect to new groups. Also known as, the rich get richer hypothesis. Many more adolescents are less socially adept using social networking websites to make new friends when they might be too shy to do so in real life. Second, how are relationships ...view middle of the document...

The focus of this essay is the relationship between online social networks and the effects on adolescents.
The relationship between online social networks and adolescents is significant to have a clear insight on the topic. Research constantly been used to show that indeed teenagers are well exposed to the internet and online social networks. The social network platform is quite easy when it comes to socializing compared to real life. This is among the reasons why social networks are of preference to many adolescents. People who are shy to make friends in face-to-face situations will prefer doing so online since it is much easier that way. However, some people will ask, exactly what does a social network site refer to? A social network site is a web-based service that creates a platform for its members to create social networks. For one to be a member of a social network, they have to create a public profile viewed by the rest of the members.
After creating a public profile, one can now start socializing with the rest of the members, though every social network site has its way of doing things. However, the most common thing is that one has to request friendship from strangers or friends he or she knows in the social network site. A teenager feels that he/she is more popular as the number of friends on social media (Campbell, 2011). However, not everyone is interested in socializing with everyone and some individuals keep the number of online friends they have low. For teenagers, it is a little bit different since most of them who have social network profiles have quite a large number of friends. For teenagers, having many friends on social media, proves their popularity and prowess in social relations. Most of the friends that the teenagers have happen to be individuals who they have met online.
The social network sites allow their members to post events, comments, share ideas, posts, activities, and pictures. However, with the diverse growth of technology, social media sites have started indulging in specific activities such as certain games, news, etc. to satisfy their members. Facebook, for example, is a social online network that allows their members to post pictures and videos, with comments below the posts. The creation of Facebook was a result of the need of a social network through which members could share their moments or feelings through pictures and videos. The site in the beginning only allowed the uploading of images, but later on made it possible for videos uploaded. Facebook is indeed the most common social networking site, with over five hundred million members all over the world. The success of Facebook can be termed as the reason for the creation of other social networking sites.
One common phenomenon about the twenty-first century is that individuals more attached to the internet and their mobile phones and tablets (Livingstone and Brake, 2010). The strong connection between individuals and...

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