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Social Network Essay

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Every day, thousands of people are logging on to social networking websites. Some play games, some chat with friends, and some post updates about their lives, but one thing that users may not realize is the effect that social media is having on society. Websites like Facebook and Twitter effect our lives negatively, positively, and a lot more than we think. We all have our different causes for liking social media, but we don't always realize the important effects they are having on our lives.
The first effect is bullying. As these websites become more popular, the number of kids being cyberbullied increases. According to recent studies, 43% of kids in the United States have been bullied ...view middle of the document...

Users of social networking sites often use their online profile as a reflection of themselves. This is one of the positive effects of social networking. It encourages creativity, self expression, and allows people to get inspired and define themselves. They use it as a way to set themselves apart from the crowd. Being different is celebrated on social networking sites, because it makes everything more interesting. Social networking is allowing some users to make friends with people they maybe wouldn't consider talking to in person, and allowing people to see some points of view they may not have considered before. It has the potential to really bring us all closer together, and gives us all a more open minded attitude about each other.
Social networking has also helped to connect us with people all around the world (Pizano). Years earlier when a natural disaster or another big event would happen somewhere around the world, we would wait to find out on the news later that night. Even then, we would not see a lot of pictures and details from the incident. Now, we find out within seconds of it happening. With the tsunami in Japan, and the earthquake in Haiti, we found out right away and quickly saw the devastating damage that was done. A lot of this was due to social networking. Since social networking is worldwide, someone near the accident could tweet this to a thousand followers or so. The news would spread from person to person, letting thousands and thousands of more people know what is going on. This raises awareness,...

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