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The New World Encyclopedia defines social mobility as “the movement of the members of a particular society in terms of their social status, usually defined in terms of occupation and income (vertical mobility), or from one social group to another, not necessarily with concomitant change in social position(horizontal mobility)”. Generally social mobility looks at the level in which a person family or a group social status can change within the timeframe of a person life Social mobility can also relate the level to which an person family member move up and down the social group. A person or their family can move up or down the social groups based on their accomplishments and sometimes other reasons that may be out of their power. Some factors that may changes a person social mobility could a person educational background, a ...view middle of the document...

My brother and I are still working; however we of us have realized that things have changed with time. The changes that we have experienced have allowed both of us to hold on to our family struggles and expect the greater things that will happen in our future.
My grandparents and my parents have shared an abundance of knowledge and wisdom. They have also share an abundance of experiences that they have encountered thought their lives. Both my parents and grandparents have an overflow of information that has been passed down to both my brother and I. This has helped be to embrace and understand my heritage. There were many times that I can remember my grandmother telling my mother that she must show me how to do certain things. My grandmother took the time to explain the importance of me knowing and understanding the family values for when I became an adult with children, I could pass the family tradition on.
Education was not an option for y grandparents in their generation. They focus on providing and raising their children. My parents were both hard workers that elected not to seek a college education. However, the importance of a college education has been instilled in us. My parents and grandparents has set high expectations for both my brother and I. Now I have set high expectations for my children.
High learning is important to me because it allows me to communicate and relate to other individuals. My educational experiences have also allowed me to understand other cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Because of my religious upbringing, it has allowed me to deal with life disappointments and challenges of my past. My religious upbringing has also prepared me to deal with the future disappointments and challenges that life has to offer. I also understand that it was not always about education, my income or occupational status, where you live or your political affiliation but it about the adjustments that an individual is prepared to make in order to succeed in life

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