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Social Media Tools In E Commerce Essay

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In organization it is a giant different between productive and counterproductive behavior, and they both have important impact in business. Managers work hard to achieve their goals, which is to stay productive. Organizations do not want to stay at the same stage or go under year after year not growing. For the organizations to achieve their goal is for the employees being productive. An organization to understand the difference with productive and counterproductive behavior will allow maximizing productive and decreasing counterproductive behavior.

Productive behavior is when employee contributes positively to the goals and objects of the organizations. As a new employee when entering ...view middle of the document...

The impact of productive behavior on job performance is that employees must work hard to achieve the highest quality results.
Productive behaviors lead to higher revenues, high customer satisfaction and decreases expenses all of which have positive impact on an organization.
The impacts of counterproductively in job performance include: employee theft, workplace violence and mistreatment, substance use, and sexual harassment. The impact of counterproductive behavior in organizations leads to sick days, tardiness, disciplinary actions, and safety violation. Counterproductive behavior also can have impact in organization, if an employee’s conduct with absenteeism, turnover, accidents and safety issues. For an organization it is important to understand the definition of productivity behavior and counterproductive behavior and try to increase productive behavior and decrease counterproductive behavior to be successful.

In workplace exist many strategies to increase productivity behavior and decrease counterproductive behaviors. For an organization to ensure its employees are involved productive behavior and not counterproductive behavior, promotion and privation she be considered. Prevention is necessary step for productivity, and methods of preventing counterproductive behavior while promoting productive behavior is important to any organization.
To prevent counterproductive...

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