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Social Media Strategy Essay

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What I found truly amazing and beneficial to our learning experience at this program is that from Dr. Dave Chatterjee’s class I learned about the power of social media, tools & detailed analysis of its benefits and value propositions; The next day at Dr. B’s Global Marketing class we reviewed from the Marketing Positioning and Branding side the successful leverage of social media by analyzing the case “Old Spice’s Campaign”. In the end these topics tie to each other and I am fully immersed in the useful knowledge of Social Media from both IT and Marketing perspectives. What a great experience!

Social Media Statistics
I learned that Facebook remains to be the most common social ...view middle of the document...

Meanwhile, many organizations have started using social media tools to interact with their employees internally. (Huy & Shipilov, Fall 2012) In the end, social media activities performed in an effective way is able to help companies to reduce cost, increase revenue, and stimulate innovation. (Chatterjee, 2014) Social media creates various new opportunities in different aspects of our lives.

In Construction Industry, social media is not only a means of marketing company and strengthening the brand, social media is also an effective means of client development, project management, and recruitment. I work for Thalle Construction, a heavy civil construction company. Currently the main social media that we have is company website. We have limited social media tools and obviously we need to do a better job. In my “world” in Estimating and Business Development Departments, everyday we contact vendors and subcontractors to solicit bids and proposals, inquire quotations, reach out to clients for project leads, and maintain client relationship even after completion of projects. We not only need to approach client, but also focus on branding our own business to interface with our customers. I noticed that more and more construction companies utilize Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogging, and other forms of social media to share valuable information and news on a frequent basis, and also to generate discussion among communities and in professional groups. Webcam is also an effective way of project management, quality control, and showing customers to view a company’s ongoing construction projects and is a cost efficient method to replace the time needed to visit a construction site and to assess a contractor’s work. A year ago we installed webcams at our Kentucky Lock and Dam Project in Grand Rivers, Kentucky. This is a web-based interface where authorized users are provided with real-time project status provided internet access. (Social Media in the Construction Industry , 2010)

As the head of Business Development of my company, I would like to apply what we learned in class for the practical knowledge of social media and start implementing it to help promote our company strategy. Below are a list...

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